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NRP - Technologies for Living Environments

Urban air quality has improved but it is not enough
Air quality has improved over the decade 2006-2016 with regard to the annual concentration of pollutants, although daily limits are often exceeded in big cities. It was revealed by the report MobilitAria...
Publication date 03/07/2018
Source CNR
A new fabric against the extreme cold
A new fabric, as hard as ceramic and as soft as wool, with some of the best thermal insulation properties ever measured until now, has been patented by researchers at the Glass and Ceramics Laboratory...
Publication date 03/02/2018
Source UNITN
Environment: ENEA to transform dairy waste into bio packaging
Eighteen months to transform dairy waste into eco-sustainable resources is the aim that the Biocosì project, on which ENEA is working in collaboration with the Puglia-based EggPlant start-up, intends...
Publication date 02/20/2018
Source ENEA
Food excellence, ENEA to coordinate a project to preserve it
It was named MED-GOLD – Mediterranean Gold and it is the European project to preserve food excellence of our tables: grapevine, olive tree and durum wheat, threatened by climate change and invasion...
Publication date 02/08/2018
Source ENEA
Hearing loss: a state-of-the-art laboratory opened in Padua
The Visual-Spatial-Auditory Lab – ViSpA, opened on 11 January 2018 in Padua, is a state-of-the-art laboratory that will use the AudGam system and will allow the treatment of patients with hearing...
Publication date 02/05/2018
Source UNIPD
ENEA: brewer’s yeast and water for new bio-concrete
Brewer’s yeast and oxygenated water are the two components of a new type of bio-compatible concrete having high thermal, acoustic and fire-proofing insulation properties, developed and patented by...
Publication date 12/15/2017
Source ENEA
Decommissioning nuclear facilities: new technologies from ENEA
New technology tools for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities: they were developed by ENEA as part of the Metrology for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities - MetroDECOM research project funded with...
Publication date 10/30/2017
Source ENEA