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NRP - Technologies for Living Environments

ENEA: brewer’s yeast and water for new bio-concrete
Brewer’s yeast and oxygenated water are the two components of a new type of bio-compatible concrete having high thermal, acoustic and fire-proofing insulation properties, developed and patented by...
Publication date 12/15/2017
Source ENEA
Decommissioning nuclear facilities: new technologies from ENEA
New technology tools for the decommissioning of nuclear facilities: they were developed by ENEA as part of the Metrology for Decommissioning Nuclear Facilities - MetroDECOM research project funded with...
Publication date 10/30/2017
Source ENEA
Mobility: increased safety on trains with digital technology
To increase safety on board High-Frequency Trains (Treni ad Alta Frequentazione, TAF) is the aim of Ermetris, a young company based in Gorizia that will upgrade the monitoring and safety systems of TAFs...
Publication date 08/07/2017
CNR involved in the EMERGE project
The operational campaign of the EMERGE - Effect of Megacities on the Transport and Transformation of Pollutants on the Regional to Global Scales project has recently started, with the involvement of the...
Publication date 07/25/2017
Source CNR
Environment: ENEA to coordinate EuNetAir international project
The development of low-cost anti-smog sensors is at the centre of the EuNetAir-European Network on New Sensing Technologies for Air international project coordinated by ENEA-Italian National Agency for...
Publication date 07/10/2017
Source ENEA