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NRP - Health

No pain with capsaicin
A capsaicin derived compound created in the laboratory is able to relieve itching and inflammation of the skin without side effects.
Publication date 08/06/2018
Source UNIPO
Music therapy helps predict the signs of epilepsy
The results of the second phase of a study on the benefits of music in people with drug-resistant epilepsy and severe intellectual disability were presented at Malta ‘Psychiatry and Art’ International...
Publication date 08/01/2018
Source Istituto Serafico Assisi
How does spliceosome work?
Sissa and the CNR Institute for Material Manufacturing have shed light on the functioning of spliceosome, a complex cellular system, mainly composed of proteins and Rna, the defects of which are involved...
Publication date 07/30/2018
Source CNR
Mortality: the risk is constant after a certain age
A recent demographic study carried out by researchers at Sapienza University of Rome revealed that the risk of death remains constant after a certain age.
Publication date 07/26/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Childhood brain tumours: silencing a protein to stop progression
An Italian study conducted by NICO-Neuroscience institute Cavaleri Ottolenghi and supported by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) open up new perspectives for the therapy of medulloblastoma...
Publication date 07/24/2018
Source NICO
Biotech companies: new services of the BIOSERVICE platform
The innovative "BIOSERVICE platform" for biotech companies based in the Lazio region has been recently set up with the aim of supporting through technology transfer, one of the most innovative...
Publication date 07/05/2018
Source ENEA
Metrology at the service of diagnostics
To protect the safety of patients with implants, by testing and certifying the compatibility of prostheses with exposure to magnetic fields is the aim of the research project MIMAS - "Procedures allowing...
Publication date 07/05/2018
Source INRIM
Fight against cancer: new anti-cancer protein discovered
Researchers have discovered SEMA3A, a synthetic protein that could become an effective innovative anticancer strategy, normalizing the blood vessels of solid tumours and boosting the effects of therapies.
Publication date 07/03/2018
Source UNITO
Multiple sclerosis: Omega 3 are the answer
To slow down and fight Multiple Sclerosis, it is necessary to stop the inflammatory processes that characterize this disease. Resolvins, molecules that can repair the tissues damaged by an inflammatory...
Publication date 06/27/2018
Source UCBM
Faster mammography results with TomoNav
TomoNav is the new software that will reduce the analysis time of mammographic images in tomosynthesis and increase the confidence of radiologists in the daily use of 3D technology in the clinical setting...
Publication date 06/25/2018
Source Friuli Innovazione
Artificial human skin is being developed in Cagliari
A new type of artificial skin with the sensitivity of a real limb: it has been tested by a team of researchers led by Piero Cosseddu from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (DIEE)...
Publication date 06/20/2018
Source UNICA
Myocardial infarction: women under 60 at double risk
Women under the age of 60 with myocardial infarction are twice as likely to die than men due to biological factors; this results from a study conducted at the University of Bologna in collaboration with...
Publication date 06/19/2018
Source UNIBO