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NRP - Health

Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory opened in Sassari
A Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory has recently been opened in Sassari. The laboratory is equipped with a new generation advanced sequencing platform which will provide an extremely detailed definition...
Publication date 10/15/2018
Source CNR
How to treat narcolepsy in children?
Sodium oxybate could be the solution to alleviate the symptoms in young patients affected by narcolepsy with cataplexy, a sleep disorder characterized by uncontrollable sleep attacks and cataplexy.
Publication date 10/09/2018
Source UNIBO
Medical diagnostics: the revolution may come from a transistor
Success story
Diagnosing diseases before the onset of symptoms through the detection of some specific markers. It could become possible thanks to a millimetre-sized transistor that can be produced on a large scale and...
Publication date 10/05/2018
Source CNR
Tumours: more accurate diagnosis with PRIMAGE open-source biobank
To set up an open-source cancer biobank of images to support physicians in the diagnosis and therapy of solid malignancies is the aim of the PRIMAGE project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme and...
Publication date 09/28/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
Sport and health: the smart T-shirt that gives you a check-up
It is made of a stretch fabric with fibre optic sensors and can collect real-time breathing data and heart rate, facilitating both clinical examinations and the evaluation of sport performances. The new...
Publication date 09/21/2018
Source ENEA
Drones in rescue operations everywhere
Bringing help to inaccessible locations by using drones is the aim of the "Drones for Healthcare" project carried out by Consorzio Elis, which promotes innovation by supporting young entrepreneurs.
Publication date 09/20/2018
Source UCBM
Atmospheric pollution, CNR publication now online
The conference Proceedings of the Institute of Atmospheric Pollution of the National Research Council-IIA CNR, held last May, are now available online.
Publication date 09/13/2018
Source CNR
Multiple sclerosis: new biomarker associated with disease progression
Success story
Reduced levels of beta amyloid protein in the cerebrospinal fluid can be a predictive biomarker for multiple sclerosis progression. This has been shown in a study coordinated by the University of...
Publication date 09/12/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Milano