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Unipi, an ally against cancer in hops
Hops are an ally against cancer according to a study carried out at the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Pisa and published in the European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. 
Publication date 10/13/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
Influenza and vaccination, Censis analyzes the attitude of Italians
This year, as every year, influenza, the seasonal disease par excellence since it occurs most often in winter, is about to come back, with a new strain. But how informed are we, and are we ready to deal...
Publication date 10/12/2017
Source Redazione ResearchItaly
Skin ulcers: a tablet for the evaluation
Wound Viewer is a tablet that will soon allow to evaluate more easily skin ulcers, one of the most widespread diseases in Western countries which affects especially the elderly population. Ulcers...
Publication date 10/10/2017
Chikungunya, situation under control at Bambin Gesù hospital
Over a hundred cases of Chikungunya, the viral disease caused by this tiger mosquito, have been reported until the end of September in the Lazio region, and consequently blood donations were suspended...
Publication date 10/06/2017
Parkinson’s Disease, new gene therapy successfully tested
Success story
A new potential weapon to fight the toxic deposits that cause Parkinson’s disease has been developed by a team of Italian researchers, coordinated by Vania Broccoli, researcher at the Neuroscience...
Publication date 09/22/2017
Source CNR
Health, the recovery of language also passes through the spinal cord
Language rehabilitation also passes through the spinal cord. This was shown by a study carried out by Santa Lucia Foundation IRCCS in Rome in collaboration with the University Federico II of Naples and...
Publication date 09/07/2017
Source Università Statale di Milano