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NRP - Health

CNR and UNIFI study gut microflora to understand autism
A team of researchers from the CNR – National Research Council and the University of Florence have studied gut microbiota of a group of autistic individuals to develop a dietary intervention able...
Publication date 06/22/2017
Source CNR
Medicine, a new strategy to treat cancer through mitochondria
Causing the selective death of cancer cells by “sabotaging” their power plants: mitochondria. This new perspective comes from a study conducted by Sabrina Pricl and Erik Laurini from the MOSE...
Publication date 06/19/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Trieste
FISM Congress on Multiple Sclerosis in Rome
The scientific congress “Insieme cambiamo la realtà della sclerosi multipla”, promoted by the Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (AISM) and related Foundation (FISM), which brings...
Publication date 06/09/2017
Source AISM
Italian researchers measured the random motion of electrons
An international group of researchers has measured for the first time the scattering of “free” electrons in a non-conducting material when interacting with high-energy photons. The study, published...
Publication date 06/05/2017
Source CNR
ENEA and UNIPD join SUMCASTEC European project
Stem cells are non-specialized cells with the ability to transform into other types of cells through the cell differentiation process and the capacity to replicate infinitely or almost infinitely.
Publication date 05/23/2017
Source ENEA
The winners of BioUpper  awarded
BioUpper  is the first Italian training and acceleration platform created to support new entrepreneurial ideas in the field of life sciences. BioUpper was born from a partnership between Novartis...
Publication date 05/22/2017
Source BioUpper
Cancer research: mechanism that limits breast cancer growth discovered
Success story
The research team which has recently discovered a mechanism that can limit breast cancer growth is includes mainly Italian researchers. The study results were published in the prestigious Nature Communications...
Publication date 05/15/2017
Source Regione Piemonte
Italy-China: call for science and technology cooperation 2018-2020 launched
The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) has recently published on its website the Italia-China call for joint science and technology research projects for the 2018-2020...
Publication date 05/12/2017
Source Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale