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NRP - Health

Health: gut microbiota transmission from mother to children
Success story
A study conducted at the Laboratory of Probiogenomics of the Department of Chemistry, Life Sciences and Environmental Sustainability of the University of Parma, published in the scientific journal Microbiome...
Publication date 08/10/2017
Source UNIPR
Health, from saffron a precious food weapon against cancer
Saffron, one of the most appreciated spices for cooking, seems to have an important action on against tumour cells. This was shown by a study conducted by Filippo Minutolo of the Department of Pharmacy...
Publication date 08/03/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
IIT-Don Gnocchi alliance: first joint lab for robotic rehabilitation
A joint lab entirely dedicated to the development of technological solutions in rehabilitation will be set up, which includes the use of IIT R1 robot, the first Italian robot designed to operate in domestic...
Publication date 07/18/2017
Source Fondazione Don Gnocchi
The Polytechnic University of Milan inaugurates its NanoMedLab
The NanoMedLab is the new interdepartmental laboratory of Politecnico di Milano, which aims to become a point of reference for the design and synthesis of nanomaterials for medical application in Lombardy.
Publication date 07/10/2017
Health, visual cortex development during postnatal growth
Success story
A study, published in Nature Communications and conducted by an international team of researchers coordinated by Tommaso Pizzorusso, Professor of Psychobiology and Physiological Psychology at the University...
Publication date 07/07/2017
Source UNIFI
Faber: CNR allergology test to identify 244 allergies
Success story
It is called Faber and is the highly innovative diagnostic tool that identifies 244 possible allergies related to food, dust mites, pollens and insect stings through an easy blood test. Currently available...
Publication date 07/03/2017
Source CNR
More exercise to control aging: hormone FGF21 isolated
Success story
Trained muscles can control aging and improve the quality of life. This resulted from a study coordinated by Marco Sandri and Luca Scorrano, researchers at the V.I.M.M. – Venetian Institute of Molecular...
Publication date 06/28/2017
Source UNIPD
CNR and UNIFI study gut microflora to understand autism
A team of researchers from the CNR – National Research Council and the University of Florence have studied gut microbiota of a group of autistic individuals to develop a dietary intervention able...
Publication date 06/22/2017
Source CNR
Medicine, a new strategy to treat cancer through mitochondria
Causing the selective death of cancer cells by “sabotaging” their power plants: mitochondria. This new perspective comes from a study conducted by Sabrina Pricl and Erik Laurini from the MOSE...
Publication date 06/19/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Trieste