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NRP - Energy

Energy, from ENEA new studies on extraction from sea waves
Extracting energy from sea waves and currents is an idea that, in terms of power density and coastal area, is of strategic interest for Italy, a country with limited availability of other energy sources.
Publication date 06/12/2017
Source CNR
Enea supports organic electronics at Tripode laboratory
In future supermarkets, it will be possible to know what is the state of preservation of food thanks to temperature and humidity sensors located on “smart” labels that customers will query...
Publication date 01/26/2017
Source ENEA
ENEA, Italian excellence, starts building a new reactor in Japan
The operations for the assembly of the experimental reactor for nuclear fusion JT-60SA, designed to produce energy with the same reaction which occurs in stars, started on 12 January in Naka, 100 km from...
Publication date 01/25/2017
Source ENEA
Energy: Italy in the field of CO2 storage with the ENOS project
The strategies implemented in Europe to limit greenhouse gases emissions in the atmosphere include the capture and storage underground of carbon dioxide: a method of controlled storage of carbon dioxide...
Publication date 01/18/2017
Source OGS
ENEA studies future plants in hi-tech greenhouse
A team of researchers from the ENEA Research Centre in Portici is testing, under the public-private research project called Tripode, a hi-tech greenhouse, equipped with an innovative LED-based lighting...
Publication date 01/16/2017
Source ENEA
Hydrogen will be extracted with nanotubes and supercatalizers
Success story
The production of hydrogen is currently made by a chemical process which uses hydrocarbons and fossil fuels. Hydrogen may also be extracted from water by electrolysis or thermal lysis even if these processes...
Publication date 01/02/2017
Source Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche