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NRP - Energy

Here comes the device for freight wagon monitoring
To monitor the status and operating conditions of freight wagons and, if needed, to implement maintenance and repair operations is the aim of the research project “SWAM_RAIL”, conducted by...
Publication date 11/16/2018
REMOTE, to bring renewable energy to isolated areas
With the REMOTE project it will be possible to store clean and renewable energy to be used in isolated areas, islands or areas that have little access to infrastructure and the main communication routes....
Publication date 11/14/2018
Who will pay more for global heating?
What is the actual cost of global heating and which countries will incur the largest fractions of it? A new international study published in Nature Climate Change, with participation of professor Massimo...
Publication date 10/19/2018
ENEA: a green rooftop to help regulate microclimate
The absorption of up to 50% of rainfall, by regulating the flow in urban waste, and the generation of natural ventilation on the external surface of buildings are the main functions of a rooftop vegetable...
Publication date 10/17/2018
Source ENEA
Bioeconomy, how to reuse biorefinery by-products
The reuse of wastes and by-products generated by biofuel production is the objective of EXCornsEED, a European project recently launched, coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome.  
Publication date 08/27/2018
Source Università Sapienza di Roma
ENI and ENEA together for research
ENI and ENEA will carry out joint activities aimed at innovation in scientific and technological research. This is the goal of the Memorandum of Understanding signed on 19 July 2018 by Claudio Descalzi...
Publication date 08/03/2018
Source ENEA
ENEA: first bi-stage biogas plant in Europe now ready
The first bi-stage biogas plant in Europe has been recently built in Soliera di Modena by Biogas Italia; it produces energy by using anaerobic digestion and a technology patented by ENEA and CREA which...
Publication date 07/27/2018
Source ENEA
Clean energy, a new initiative to promote women’s leadership
Strengthening the role of women in the clean energy sector to accelerate the energy transition process is the objective of the collaboration agreement on Clean Energy, Education and Emporwement-C3E, signed...
Publication date 05/18/2018
Source ENEA
It is the dawn of Helionomics: the solar economy
We publish (in Italian) an editorial by Mario Pagliaro, chemist, for almost 18 years a researcher at CNR. He is one of the most cited Italian researchers in the world in the fields of nanotechnology and...
Publication date 04/24/2018