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NRP - Cultural Heritage

The Sahara was green and populated
The Sapienza University of Rome has coordinated an international research team that, using an innovative DNA sequencing technique, has reconstructed the evolutionary path of the human species on the African...
Publication date 03/15/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Two new IBAM-CNR research projects in South America and Greece
The Joint Laboratory of Pre-Hispanic Archaeological Science and the Joint Italy-Greece Archaeological Laboratory will soon be established. The two projects are funded by the Institute for Archaeological...
Publication date 03/12/2018
Source CNR
Footprints of children who lived 700,000 years ago discovered
A team of researchers from Sapienza University of Rome discovered the footsteps of children who lived around 700,000 years ago during excavations in Ethiopia funded by Sapienza University and the Ministry...
Publication date 03/08/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Here is the list of native Italian plants
An inventory of native plants of Italy, with an updated list of the so-called ‘vascular flora’ consisting of ferns and related plants, conifers and flowering plants, an indispensable tool contributing...
Publication date 03/06/2018
Egypt, Canal of the Pharaohs re-discovered by CNR
In the north-east of Cairo, the impressive walls of Tell el-Maskhuta fortress have come back to light: built to protect the Canal of the Pharaohs, this is probably the largest fortress in the area...
Publication date 02/01/2018
Source CNR
MACHINA is here, the accelerator dedicated to cultural heritage
MACHINA - Movable Accelerator for Cultural Heritage In-situ Non-destructive Analysis is the new compact, transportable accelerator that will help experts and researchers to investigate works of art and...
Publication date 01/22/2018
Source INFN
Baghdad, Ca’ Foscari presents the faces of the Lady of Warka
At the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the Italian Embassy in Baghdad have presented The Lady of Warka and the Archaeology of Meanings, a scientific and artistic project...
Publication date 01/10/2018
Source UNIVE
UNIBO studies the discovery of the Jewish cemetery in Bologna
Bologna Jewish cemetery has been rediscovered after all traces were lost following its destruction in 1569. With its 408 graves of women, men and children, it is the largest medieval Jewish cemetery found...
Publication date 12/06/2017
Source UNIBO
Sapienza University explores the skull of last ancestor
The Man of Ceprano was morphologically similar to Homo heidelbergensis, who is considered as our link with Neanderthals: this is the result of the sophisticated digital techniques applied to a 400-year...
Publication date 11/23/2017
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Cultural Heritage in Europe: JPICH 2017 call now open
The Heritage in Changing Environments 2017 call under the EU JPICH joint programme on Cultural Heritage has been recently launched.
Publication date 10/02/2017
Source Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca
Aquileia Roman baths: UNIUD to start a new excavation campaign
The second part of the archaeological excavation campaign under the leadership of Marina Rubinich, Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine, started at the end of August...
Publication date 09/14/2017
Source UNIUD