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NRP - Cultural Heritage

The first giraffes originating from Sardinia
The ancestors of the first giraffes used to live in Sardinia, according to a study conducted on the fossil remains found in Northern Sardinia of an endemic giraffomorph animal that lived in Lower Miocene...
Publication date 08/10/2018
Source UNICA
Marche, monumental tomb discovered in Piceno
A recent research and excavation campaign in the area of Nevola in Corinaldo, near Ancona, has led to the discovery of a Picene mausoleum containing the remains of a person of high social standing.
Publication date 08/03/2018
Ca’ Foscari brings new treasures to light… at laboratory
Some huge wooden boxes containing Pre-Roman tombs are currently being investigated within the “Another way of digging” project, now in its second year, coordinated by Giovanna Gambacurta, Professor...
Publication date 07/27/2018
Source Università Ca' Foscari
Excavations at Urbisaglia and Villa Magna completed
A team from University of Macerata has completed the archaeological excavation campaign led by Roberto Perna at the sites of Pollentia-Urbs Salvia and Villamagna, in the area of Urbisaglia.
Publication date 07/13/2018
Source UNIMC
A software application to reconstruct the diets of the past
Thanks to a new software application we could soon know what the last meal was on Noah’s Ark or during any other important historical event. The new tool, described in a study published in Ecology...
Publication date 07/12/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Giant cheetah discovered on Monte Argentario
A million and a half years ago, a giant cheetah, one of the most ferocious predators that the earliest hominids had to face, wandered in Europe.
Publication date 06/26/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Archaeobotany: who brought fruit trees to Sardinia?
Studies conducted by the University of Cagliari produced new data concerning nutrition and growing of the first fruit trees, probably brought to the island by Phoenicians and Punics between 500 and...
Publication date 06/21/2018
Source UNICA
Nefertiti’s chamber does not exist
Nefertiti’s secret chamber does not exist and the queen’s legend is therefore buried inside Tutankhamun’s tomb: this announcement by the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry, following studies...
Publication date 06/13/2018
Base isolation, an idea from the past
It is possible to reduce the impact of earthquakes on buildings by up to 80% by using highly deformable seismic isolation devices in the horizontal direction.
Publication date 06/11/2018
Source ENEA
IndaginiXImmagini, archaeology on display in Padua
A photo exhibition was inaugurated in Padua which presents to the public the first results of STEMPA - Excavation, remote sensing, study of materials and landscape of the Asiago plateau.
Publication date 06/05/2018
Source UNIPD
In search of the stones of the Dragon in Armenia
The Dragon Stones Archaeological Project is the name of the project started in 2012 to analyze the megalithic steles found on the Armenian mountains.
Publication date 05/24/2018
Source UNIVE
UNIPD for the restoration of the city’s hidden masterpieces
Museo Diocesano and the Cultural Heritage Office of the Diocese of Padua have launched the new edition of “Mi sta a cuore”, the crowdfunding campaign for the restoration and promotion of art...
Publication date 05/18/2018
Source UNIPD
Saqqara, where 3D techniques come to the aid of archaeology
The 3D Survey Group, a research team of the Polytechnic University of Milan involved in investigations on cultural heritage by means of 3D modelling applications and techniques, is currently carrying out...
Publication date 05/17/2018
AIAC 2018: a panel on Greek coroplastic craft
Antonella Pautasso, a researcher of IBAM CNR, based in Catania, will participate in the International Congress of Classical Archaeology – AIAC 2018, which will take place in Cologne and Bonn from...
Publication date 05/14/2018