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NRP - Blue growth

National Geographic Society awards UNIBO researcher
Arianna Mancuso, research fellow and PhD student at University of Bologna, was awarded an Early Career Grant to investigate the effects of climate change on sea life, starting from mollusks, the most vulnerable...
Publication date 05/04/2018
Source UNIBO
SILVER, the robot to explore sea bottoms
It is called SILVER and is the underwater robot that will monitor sea bottoms by walking and crawling on many types of surface, in line with the principles of Soft-Robotics. The robot has been developed...
Publication date 03/26/2018
Source Scuola Sant'Anna di Pisa
200 volcanic chimneys discovered on Panarea seabed
200 volcanic chimneys have been recently discovered between the volcanic island of Panarea and the islet of Basiluzzo, in the Aeolian archipelago: they form a hydrothermal site called Smoking land. The...
Publication date 03/01/2018
Cetaceans threatened by microplastics
Scientists at the University of Siena, together with American and Australian colleagues, have raised an alarm over pollution from microplastics, particles derived from the degradation of plastic waste...
Publication date 02/27/2018
Source UNISI
Sea energy: PELAGOS Italian hub about to start
To promote sea source exploitation through a network of SMEs, electric power companies, research institutes, financial operators, service providers and final users in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy...
Publication date 10/30/2017
Source ENEA
Giant squids do exist and CNR has mapped them
A study carried out by the ISTI-CNR – Institute of Information Science and Technology ‘A. Faedo’ of the National Research Council in Pisa has produced the first distribution map ever...
Publication date 07/17/2017
Source CNR
North Pole: the High-North 2017 campaign has begun
Eighty-nine years after Commander Umberto Nobile’s expedition, the Italian Navy returns to the North Pole with the scientific expedition High-North 2017.
Publication date 07/13/2017
Source CNR