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NRP - Agrifood

The secret of PDO hams? It is in the DNA of pigs
It is genes that guarantee the quality of the product. A study, published in Animal, suggests that the quality of Italian PDO hams depends on the DNA of pigs.
Publication date 10/02/2018
Source UNIBO
Synthetizing saffron? It is possible now
To produce the molecules of saffron flowers, in large quantities, at low cost and with high levels of purity is the objective of the method designed and patented by ENEA to produce one of the most expensive...
Publication date 07/24/2018
Source ENEA
What alternatives to copper in agriculture?
Funded with 4 million euro under Horizon 2020, this project aims at searching for alternatives to the use of copper and pesticides in the most interesting crops in Trentino.
Publication date 06/27/2018
Source UNITN
A device for diagnosing Xylella fastidiosa
A joint study carried out by University of Salento and CNR Nanotec of Lecce published in Scientific Reports has recently led to a device to detect Xylella Fastidiosa on olive trees.
Publication date 06/22/2018
Source CNR
Sant’Anna School student awarded in Moscow
Elena Del Pup, almost twenty years of age, has received her first international recognition in Moscow for her research project on “Epigenetics in Grapes for Wine Production: the three-dimensional...
Publication date 05/23/2018
Source Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Children’s Elf Garden has started to bring fruits
Set up at the beginning of school year, the Elf Garden has started to bring fruits: this is a special area of the Botanical Garden of the University of Cagliari, dedicated to children attending Satta...
Publication date 05/16/2018
Source UNICA
Is it possible to identify wine only through smell and taste?
It is possible to evaluate the characteristics of wine only through smell and taste. This is the objective of a project, coordinated by Susanna Bartolini, a researcher in general arboriculture and tree...
Publication date 04/10/2018
Source Scuola Sant'Anna di Pisa
Agri-food: ENEA scientific advisor to Seeds&Chips 2018
ENEA will be the scientific advisor at Seeds&Chips, the Food Innovation Summit that will take place from 7 to 10 May 2018 in Milan and that will bring together representatives from companies, the academic...
Publication date 03/23/2018
Source ENEA
A new tomato to alleviate stomachache
A new line of tomatoes, called 'bronze', which contains a unique combination of polyphenols that improves the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases.  This result was obtained by ISPA-CNR in a study...
Publication date 03/22/2018
Source CNR