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NRP - Agrifood

Truffles? The result of the symbiosis of fungi and plants
There is a close relationship between fungi and roots that leads to the development of truffles. This was revealed in a study conducted by an international team of researchers who have sequenced the genome...
Publication date 12/31/2018
Source UNIBO
The food of the future? It will come from bacterial ecosystems
The secret of the food of the future lies in microbiomes, the communities of microorganisms that colonize every possible ecological niche on the planet. By exploiting the potential of these ecosystems...
Publication date 12/20/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Bologna
The scent of truffles? It depends on the genes
A study has revealed the genetic makeup of the “diamonds of the kitchen”, truffles, underground fungi belonging to the Tuberaceae family that live in symbiosis with plant roots and play an...
Publication date 12/10/2018
Source CNR
Agriculture will be transformed by climate change by 2050
Climate change will have an impact on agriculture in Europe in 2050. It was revealed by an international study published in Nature Communications, carried out in collaboration with the University of Florence.
Publication date 12/06/2018
Source UNIFI
Intensive farming: studying mosses can help
Is it possible to reproduce the ability of mosses to survive in the shade to increase the productivity of cultivated plants? This is the objective of the study conducted at the Laboratory of Photosynthesis...
Publication date 11/22/2018
Source UNIVR
Hi-Tech coffee? ENEA will make it
To determine coffee aroma and taste by analyzing the molecules released during roasting through a hi-tech multisensorial system is the aim of the COMETA project.
Publication date 11/14/2018
Source ENEA
UCBM continues its mission in Tanzania
The international cooperation mission started in Tanzania in 2017 continues. It was launched by Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome in collaboration with CREA, University of Parma, Associazione ‘Golfini...
Publication date 11/13/2018
Source UCBM
Durum wheat is symbiotic with soil
A study on the properties of ancient durum wheat in comparison with modern seeds was conducted by the University of Pisa and CNR under coordination of Manuela Giovannetti, together with CREA geneticists.
Publication date 11/02/2018
Source UNIPI
Irrigating is not as easy as it seems
When and how much should fields be irrigated? The working team of the Life Agrowetlands II project coordinated by the University of Bologna is here to give advice.
Publication date 10/30/2018
Source UNIBO
The secret of PDO hams? It is in the DNA of pigs
It is genes that guarantee the quality of the product. A study, published in Animal, suggests that the quality of Italian PDO hams depends on the DNA of pigs.
Publication date 10/02/2018
Source UNIBO
Synthetizing saffron? It is possible now
To produce the molecules of saffron flowers, in large quantities, at low cost and with high levels of purity is the objective of the method designed and patented by ENEA to produce one of the most expensive...
Publication date 07/24/2018
Source ENEA