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NRP - Aerospace

Roberto Battiston remembers Giovanni Bignami
We herein publish a tribute by Roberto Battiston (right), President of the Italian Space Agency, to Giovanni Bignami (left), the internationally renowned astrophysicist, formerly President of the National...
Publication date 06/13/2017
Fly Your Satellite!: Sapienza students in orbit with LEDSAT
Success story
The small LEDSAT (LED-based small SATellite) satellite designed by a research group at the S5Lab of Sapienza University of Rome is the only Italian satellite selected to participate in the first phase...
Publication date 06/05/2017
Source INAF
Aerospace: new MISE call for R&D projects now online
The Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) has published online the new call for funding research and development projects in aerospace. It will be possible to submit applications from 1 June to...
Publication date 05/29/2017
Source MISE
From ESA a call for a sustainable future in space
There are more than 750,000 pieces of debris orbiting the Earth: retired satellites, fragments of exploded rockets, objects released during extravehicular activities, which can be a threat to active satellites....
Publication date 05/15/2017
Source European Space Agency