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NRP - Aerospace

New infrastructure for aerospace testing set up in Sardinia
This is a unique space infrastructure, where research activities and space tests will be carried out and internal and external thermal shields will be developed for the family of Vega Italian launchers.
Publication date 07/06/2018
Source ASI
SKA telescope in Australia, Italy project partner
The first 256 antennas have been installed in the outback, the large semi-desert area in Australia, under the  Square Kilometre Array – SKA project.
Publication date 06/22/2018
Source INAF
Cagliari a point of reference for Italian aerospace research
The Sardinia Deep Space Antenna, the radio telescope that will become part of the NASA network with the aim of monitoring space missions and the Exomars mission in 2020, was inaugurated at the University...
Publication date 06/07/2018
Source UNICA
INAF, exoplanet Gl 15 A c discovered
A planet with a mass 36 times the mass of the Earth whcih takes almost 21 years to complete a full orbit around its star has been recently discovered. It is the smallest planet with such a long orbital...
Publication date 06/06/2018
Source INAF
ESA, project to fight degenerative diseases now underway
To investigate the effects of altered gravity on biological processes, as it happens to astronauts who remain in space for a long time, to contrast the increase in free radicals responsible for cell aging...
Publication date 05/24/2018
Source UNIPI
Orion Nebula, INAF studies its young stars
A team of researchers, led by Fabio Reale, a researcher at INAF and a professor at the University of Palermo, has shown that enormous flares in young stars in the Orion Nebula develop in long magnetic...
Publication date 04/19/2018
Source INAF