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NRP - Aerospace

Radio astronomy also counts on hyperfibre
The Italian National Institute of Metrological Research – INRIM is experimenting with an innovative technology that allows the transmission of the time/frequency signal over optical fibre from INRIM...
Publication date 02/19/2018
Source INAF
Change at the top of the European Gravitational Observatory
Stavros Katsanevas and Antonio Masiero have been appointed director and chairman, respectively, of the European Gravitational Observatory – EGO, the laboratory that manages the VIRGO interferometer...
Publication date 02/16/2018
Source INFN
Space, 15-year collaboration agreement between ASI and PoliMI
Italy’s “race to space” gains new impetus thanks to the agreement signed by the President of the Italian Space Agency Roberto Battiston and the Rector of the Polytechnic University of...
Publication date 02/13/2018
Source ASI, Politecnico di Milano
Roberto Battiston awarded with the Space Economy Award
The Association for Space-Based ICT Technologies, Applications and Services-ASAS has recently assigned the Space Economy Award 2017 to Roberto Battiston, President of the Italian Space Association-ASI.
Publication date 01/24/2018
Source ASI
Italian space sector reform approved
The reform of the Italian space sector has been approved. The Commission for Productive Activities of the Chamber of Deputies has given the definitive green light to the so-called ddl Spazio (Space Bill)...
Publication date 01/22/2018
Source ASI
Welcome back AstroPaolo!
Paolo Nespoli is back on Earth after 139 days onboard the International Space Station-ISS. The Italian astronaut of the European Space Agency-ESA landed at 9.37 (Italian time) in the central region of...
Publication date 12/14/2017
Source ASI
ASI offers 2 scholarships for ISU programmes
Promoting the training of young Italian students in an international context through the award of two scholarships: this is the goal of the Memorandum of Understanding – MOU signed between the Italian...
Publication date 12/05/2017
Source ASI
National Olympiad of Astronomy 2018
Registration is open for the 16th edition of the National Olympiad of Astronomy, the competition that gives Italian school students the opportunity to meet and exchange opinions with researchers and other...
Publication date 11/21/2017
Source Società Astronomica Italiana