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Purple spots on parchments? The cause discovered at Tor Vergata
Certain microorganisms are responsible for the purple spots and the detachment of the superficial layer of various ancient parchments. The discovery, published by Scientific Reports, opens new perspectives...
Publication date 10/13/2017
Source Università Tor Vergata
Submerged world of Venice revealed by ISMAC-CNR study
Success story
The submerged world of Venice has been revealed. Detailed morphological observations of the Venice Lagoon canals have been carried out for the first time by the Institute of Marine Sciences of the National...
Publication date 10/12/2017
Source CNR
Sapienza studies how we perceive others
Emotional stimuli influence social inclusion and exclusion processes. It has been demonstrated by a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology at Sapienza University and from Santa...
Publication date 10/02/2017
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Aquileia Roman baths: UNIUD to start a new excavation campaign
The second part of the archaeological excavation campaign under the leadership of Marina Rubinich, Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine, started at the end of August...
Publication date 09/14/2017
Source UNIUD
Archaeology: UNIPD in Torba to study the Middle Age
A team of researchers from the School of Medieval Archaelogy of the University of Padua is analysing the findings found at the excavations of Torba, one of the symbolic sites of Italian Middle Age, owned...
Publication date 09/12/2017
Source UNIPD
Italian and Turkish archaeologists working at Karkemish
The archaeologists of the Turkish-Italian mission led by the University of Bologna-UNIBO, during the most recent campaign in Karkemish, Turkey, have unearthed findings dating back to 13th century B.C....
Publication date 09/01/2017
Source UNIBO
LIUC, here are the best areas for doing business in Lombardy
What are the most suitable Lombardy areas for developing a new business? It was revealed by the Centre on the Development of Territories and Sectors of the LIUC Business School in Castellanza in a study...
Publication date 08/24/2017
Source LIUC
Health, Bocconi: careful to free trade agreements
Yes, also free trade agreements can be harmful for the health. This was revealed by a study coordinated by David Stuckler of the Bocconi University of Milan, conducted in collaboration with the Oxford...
Publication date 07/21/2017
Source Università Bocconi
UniMilano: Cristina Cattaneo wins the 2017 Adelaide Medal
Cristina Cattaneo, Professor of Legal Medicine and Director of the Legal Anthropology and Dental Medicine Laboratory of the Statale University of Milan, was awarded the 2017 Adelaide Medal by the IAFS...
Publication date 07/11/2017
Source UNIMI
Climate Change, IMPRESSIONS, a major European project
Success story
What will be the impact of climate change in Europe and how can it be dealt with? These topical questions are the focus of the newly published booklet “High End Climate Change in Europe. Impacts...
Publication date 07/06/2017
Source Commissione Europea