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Aquileia, the results of the 2018 excavation campaign
The results of the archaeological excavations carried out in 2018 in the Bronze Age village of Ca’ Baredi/Canale Anfora near Aquileia were presented in Udine. The campaign was a collaboration between...
Publication date 12/19/2018
Source UNIUD
EgittoVeneto: ten years of research
Data is surprising: there are more than 2,000 items of Egyptian origin distributed in private and public collections located in Venice, Padua, Rovigo and Verona.
Publication date 11/16/2018
Source Università Ca' Foscari
Jesolo, bell tower of San Mauro brought to light
Archaelogists of the Department of Humanities of Ca’ Foscari University have brought to light the bell tower of San Mauro monastery, near Jesolo.
Publication date 11/08/2018
Source Università Ca' Foscari
Fears and ageing: UniBo study investigates the correlation between them
Success story
What are the mechanisms underlying fear? And how do they change during lifetime? A study conducted at the University of Bologna, recently published in the journal Scientific Reports, answers these questions. 
Publication date 10/18/2018
Source Università di Bologna
ERC Grants 2019: here are the new features
The 2019 budget for the European Research Council (ERC) Grants amounts to over 2 billion euro, as specified in the new Work Programme published on the ERC website. 
Publication date 10/08/2018
Source ERC
The giant sloths of Pleistocene? As agile as rhinos
They could weigh more than three tons but showed surprising agility, quite similar to that of today’s hippopotami and rhinoceroses.
Publication date 08/07/2018
Source Università Sapienza di Roma
Involvement of the mouth to develop abstract concepts
Do you open your mouth when you fantasize? This is normal. This happens because the development of abstract concepts involves the motor system connected to linguistic production (mouth) even if a verbal...
Publication date 08/01/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Posture determined the shape of our teeth
A study published in Scientific Reports shows that, starting with our oldest ancestors millions of years ago, the upright posture acquired by humans during their evolution is related to our dental occlusion.
Publication date 07/02/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
IndaginiXImmagini, archaeology on display in Padua
A photo exhibition was inaugurated in Padua which presents to the public the first results of STEMPA - Excavation, remote sensing, study of materials and landscape of the Asiago plateau.
Publication date 06/05/2018
Source UNIPD
Alcohol consumption drops among adolescents
Adolescent alcohol use is decreasing in Europe and North America and this seems to be related to public expenditures on family benefits. It was revealed by a study carried out by University of Padua and...
Publication date 05/25/2018
Source UNIPD