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ERC - Physical Sciences and Engineering

First goal achieved by ESPRESSO, the next generation planet hunter
Success story
The ESPRESSO spectrograph, installed on the Very Large Telescope-VLT in Chile, has succeeded for the first time in combining light from all the four telescopes that compose it, thus making the VLT the...
Publication date 03/19/2018
Source INAF, ESO
A digital highway for data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope
Data from the Sardinia Radio Telescope – the most modern and technological parabolic antenna in Europe, developed by the National Institute for Astrophysics in collaboration with the Italian Space...
Publication date 03/16/2018
Here come the boards of future cruise ships
Highly-innovative and lighter fire-resistant boards for naval use that will replace the internal partitions of cruise ships are an Italian success resulting from the research project PANTAF, conducted...
Publication date 03/16/2018
Source Friuli Innovazione
Italy at CERN. An Interview with Fabiola Gianotti – Part 2
After explaining the scientific and social role that CERN plays at an international level, Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director-General, tells us about Italy’s contribution to this super laboratory, one...
Publication date 03/06/2018
Less pollution from heavy duty vehicles with the HDGAS project
The improvement of the quality of air and the reduction of greenhouse gases also passes through the technological innovation of road transport. With this purpose, the European Commission has funded with...
Publication date 03/05/2018
Source Politecnico di Milano
UniPadova, an ERC Consolidator Grant to study river networks
A two million euro ERC Consolidator Grant to Dynamical river Networks: climatic controls and biogeochemical function - DyNET, the project that, for the first time, will monitor the expansion and contraction...
Publication date 03/02/2018
Source UNIPD
A new fabric against the extreme cold
A new fabric, as hard as ceramic and as soft as wool, with some of the best thermal insulation properties ever measured until now, has been patented by researchers at the Glass and Ceramics Laboratory...
Publication date 03/02/2018
Source UNITN
M.OR.D.OR., a model to prevent catastrophic scenarios
A model to simulate crisis scenarios, by studying interconnections between natural disasters and cyber attacks targeting main global infrastructures, in order to increase the resilience of networks and...
Publication date 02/28/2018
Source UNIBO