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ERC - Physical Sciences and Engineering

Double degree program in Trieste and Ljubljana Universities
From 15 September, it will be possible to follow a double degree programme in Maths, in Trieste and Ljubljana: this is the result of an agreement signed on 15 September by the universities of the two cities...
Publication date 10/18/2017
Source UNITS
Geology: seismic precursors from spring waters
Is it possible to predict earthquakes? It seems it is, according to the results of a study carried out for three years by a team of researchers from Sapienza University, CNR and INGV, who sampled and analyzed...
Publication date 10/16/2017
Source CNR
Astrophysics: the history of planetary systems in the orbits
Success story
How common is the birth of planetary systems with a high number of planets, such as the Solar System? Angelo Zinzi and Diego Turrini, astrophysicists at ASI-SSDC and at INAF in Rome, have analyzed the...
Publication date 10/13/2017
Source INAF
Submerged world of Venice revealed by ISMAC-CNR study
Success story
The submerged world of Venice has been revealed. Detailed morphological observations of the Venice Lagoon canals have been carried out for the first time by the Institute of Marine Sciences of the National...
Publication date 10/12/2017
Source CNR
Moving nanoparticles: thermophoresis makes it possible
The movement of a nanoparticle has a “particular” behaviour: this was shown in a study conducted by a team of scientists from Sissa and ICTP in Trieste on the properties of nanoparticles to...
Publication date 10/09/2017
Source SISSA
Precious information about radioactivity risk
Success story
Cryoconites, dark sediments found in the Monteratsch glacier in Switzerland, will provide precious information on the future of radioactive substances produced by nuclear tests and accidents stored under...
Publication date 10/04/2017
Source INFN
Gravitational waves detected for the first time by Virgo and LIGO
Success story
For the first time ever, the gravitational waves – the “ripples” of the spacetime “tissue” predicted by Einstein’s Theory of Relativity – have been jointly detected...
Publication date 10/02/2017
Source Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
Astrophysics, INAF Observatory set up in Abruzzo
The network of centres aimed at investigating the sky has been consolidated with the setting up of the Abruzzo Astronomical Observatory, recently inaugurated at the presence of Valeria Fedeli, Minister...
Publication date 10/02/2017
Source Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica