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ERC - Physical Sciences and Engineering

“GRAFOOD” project, food packaging is hi-tech
Graphene used in the development of a packaging system that allows better preservation of food, with the possibility of recovering the material from used packaging and reusing it in the production of new...
Publication date 12/12/2017
What if the speed of light were not constant?
The speed of light in a vacuum is a constant of nature, which forms the basis of many theories in modern physics, including Einstein’s special relativity. Some quantum gravity theories, however...
Publication date 12/06/2017
Source INAF
Astrophysics, star accretion reproduced in the laboratory
For the first time the accretion process in young stars has been reproduced in a laboratory. The result of the recent experiment has been published in the journal Science Advances. 
Publication date 12/06/2017
Source INAF
ESA, Space Oscar to spin-off of University of Pavia
This year’s “Space Oscar” in the Big Data Big Business Challenge category has been awarded to the Italian project Saturnalia, a system using Copernicus satellite data to forecast wine...
Publication date 11/27/2017
Source Università di Pavia
Safer road bridges with the SUREbridge project
“The structural strengthening of existing road bridges is a crucially important issue of public safety, as shown also by recent events concerning collapsed highway viaducts”. These are the...
Publication date 11/23/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa