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ERC - Life Sciences

POTION: how odours can help improve social interaction and health
Is it possible to smell fear or happiness? What organic substances the human body gives off when it experiences these emotions? And can the molecules produced in these cases, if any, affect the behaviour...
Publication date 11/14/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
Arctic, taller plants because of climate change
Over the past thirty years, the average height of Arctic plants has increased because of the presence of new species and changes in existing species.
Publication date 11/07/2018
Durum wheat is symbiotic with soil
A study on the properties of ancient durum wheat in comparison with modern seeds was conducted by the University of Pisa and CNR under coordination of Manuela Giovannetti, together with CREA geneticists.
Publication date 11/02/2018
Source UNIPI
Polarquest 2018 expedition completed
After 1500 miles covered in 18 days of sailing, Polarquest –2018 has successfully completed its expedition on board the sailboat Nanuq.
Publication date 10/29/2018
Who will pay more for global heating?
What is the actual cost of global heating and which countries will incur the largest fractions of it? A new international study published in Nature Climate Change, with participation of professor Massimo...
Publication date 10/19/2018
Climate and greenhouse gases have always been related
A relationship between climate and greenhouse gases has existed for millions of years. This is the result of an international study, published in Nature, which involves the Department of Geoscience of...
Publication date 10/19/2018
Source UNIPD
ENEA: a green rooftop to help regulate microclimate
The absorption of up to 50% of rainfall, by regulating the flow in urban waste, and the generation of natural ventilation on the external surface of buildings are the main functions of a rooftop vegetable...
Publication date 10/17/2018
Source ENEA
DNA analysis reveals the origin of Longobards
The first international study on graves of two Longobard cemeteries in Italy and Hungary has been published in Nature Communications.
Publication date 10/10/2018
Source UNIFI