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ERC - Life Sciences

Standards for ancient protein studies set forth
An international research team, including researchers at the University of Turin, have published a set of guidelines for Palaeoproteomics, a discipline that uses innovative technologies for the analysis...
Publication date 05/15/2018
Source UNITO
Atmospheric iodine levels are increasing
Atmospheric iodine levels are increasing rapidly due to the increase in ozone concentrations related to human activities and Arctic sea-ice retreat. It was revealed by a study carried out by an international...
Publication date 05/14/2018
Source UNIVE
European research, ERC Advanced Grants awarded to 11 Italian projects
The European Research Council-ERC has invested a total budget of over 650 million euro in groundbreaking research in the latest edition of the Advanced Grant Call, the results of which have been recently...
Publication date 05/10/2018
Source Redazione ResearchItaly
Honeybees can tell us how our brain works
The behaviour of honeybees can help us understand human behaviour. This was revealed by a study published in Scientific Reports and carried out at the University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the...
Publication date 05/09/2018
Source CNR
National Geographic Society awards UNIBO researcher
Arianna Mancuso, research fellow and PhD student at University of Bologna, was awarded an Early Career Grant to investigate the effects of climate change on sea life, starting from mollusks, the most vulnerable...
Publication date 05/04/2018
Source UNIBO
Responsible animal testing: Centro 3R set up in Italy
The Universities of Genoa and Pisa have recently set up in Italy Centro 3R-Interuniversitary Center for the Promotion of the Principles of the 3Rs in Teaching and Research, a new initiative on...
Publication date 04/23/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
How do rodents see the world? A study by SISSA explains
A glance is often enough to recognize the gender or emotional state of a person; however, the visual process driving this identification is very sophisticated. A new research, carried out by SISSA at the...
Publication date 04/13/2018
Source SISSA
Good memory depends on the speed of brain waves
Our ability to store information for everyday use depends on the speed of theta brain waves, according to a study published by PLOS Biology and carried out by an international research team led by Vincenzo...
Publication date 04/06/2018
Source UNIBO
From ENEA and Granarolo the milk for everybody
Here comes G+, a new milk for large distribution, without lactose, more digestible and with 30% less sugar as compared to whole milk, developed by a collaboration of ENEA and Granarolo.
Publication date 03/19/2018
Source ENEA
The Sahara was green and populated
The Sapienza University of Rome has coordinated an international research team that, using an innovative DNA sequencing technique, has reconstructed the evolutionary path of the human species on the African...
Publication date 03/15/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma