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ERC - Life Sciences

Truffles? The result of the symbiosis of fungi and plants
There is a close relationship between fungi and roots that leads to the development of truffles. This was revealed in a study conducted by an international team of researchers who have sequenced the genome...
Publication date 12/31/2018
Source UNIBO
Autism, artificial intelligence helps
Artificial intelligence can help quantify autism spectrum disorders. This is the conclusion of a joint study carried out by ISASI-CNR in Lecce and the Department of Human Studies of the University of...
Publication date 12/31/2018
Source CNR
Researchers reconstructed the morphology of the river Paglia
Researchers at the Department of Earth Sciences of University of Florence, led by Pilario Costagliola, have reconstructed the physiognomy and morphology of the river Paglia, the main tributary of the Tiber.
Publication date 12/28/2018
Source UNIFI
The food of the future? It will come from bacterial ecosystems
The secret of the food of the future lies in microbiomes, the communities of microorganisms that colonize every possible ecological niche on the planet. By exploiting the potential of these ecosystems...
Publication date 12/20/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Bologna
SCALIBUR, turning waste into biomaterials
Converting organic waste into biomaterials: this is the objective of SCALIBUR (Scalable Technologies for Bio-Urban Waste Recovery), a project coordinated by ITENE in Valencia.
Publication date 12/17/2018
Influenza virus identified through advanced technologies
In some cases it is difficult to detect an influenza virus. The Virology Unit of the University-Hospital of Parma has developed a method that uses advanced technologies to identify an influenza A virus...
Publication date 12/13/2018
Source UNIPR
Breast cancer: relapses reduced by a half with low-dose tamoxifen
Success story
Even at low dose (5 mg/day), tamoxifen can reducethe risk of developing relapses and new tumours in women who received a diagnosis of intraepithelial breast cancer by a half. This was shown in an Italian...
Publication date 12/11/2018
Source AIRC
The scent of truffles? It depends on the genes
A study has revealed the genetic makeup of the “diamonds of the kitchen”, truffles, underground fungi belonging to the Tuberaceae family that live in symbiosis with plant roots and play an...
Publication date 12/10/2018
Source CNR
New therapeutic target against SMA identified
Success story
The inhibition of the JNK protein can slow down the progression of Spinal Muscular Athrophy or SMA, the serious neurodegenerative disorder that is the most common genetic cause of death that occurs in...
Publication date 12/07/2018
Source Università Statale di Milano
We may even lose our beaches due to CO2
Are we going to lose our beaches due to the increase in CO2? There is a risk, according to the first scientific research that linked atmospheric emissions, sea acidification and coastal erosion.
Publication date 12/03/2018
Source CNR
The rules of flirting in animals are based on geometry
Published in Scientific Reports, a study conducted by researchers at University of Milan analysed the dynamics of “leks”, the mating arenas of many animal species.
Publication date 11/26/2018
Source UNIMI
The Ice Memory project is underway
Saving glaciers threatened by climate change: this is the objective of Ice Memory, the international project conducted under the patronage of the UNESCO National Commissions of France and Italy, which...
Publication date 11/23/2018
Source UNIVE