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ERC - Life Sciences

Multiple sclerosis: new biomarker associated with disease progression
Success story
Reduced levels of beta amyloid protein in the cerebrospinal fluid can be a predictive biomarker for multiple sclerosis progression. This has been shown in a study coordinated by the University of...
Publication date 09/12/2018
Source Università degli Studi di Milano
Monitoring biodiversity by using honey
A few drops of honey will make it possible to gather detailed information about the bugs populating a given area. This is the result of a new system of analysis developed by researchers of the University...
Publication date 08/28/2018
Source UNIBO
Bioeconomy, how to reuse biorefinery by-products
The reuse of wastes and by-products generated by biofuel production is the objective of EXCornsEED, a European project recently launched, coordinated by Sapienza University of Rome.  
Publication date 08/27/2018
Source Università Sapienza di Roma
ENEA identified seven new coastal areas at risk of flooding
Based on a new climate model for short-term weather forecasting set up by ENEA, seven new Italian coastal areas could be flooded by the Mediterranean Sea, due to climate change as well as the geological...
Publication date 08/24/2018
Source ENEA
New CNR research on seasonal fires
Estimating the impact of seasonal fires, which are ypical of the summer season, is the subject of a joint study conducted by the CNR Institute of Geoscience and  Earth Resources in Pisa and the University...
Publication date 08/21/2018
Source CNR
SISSA suggests how to disentangle DNA knots
In the double helix of DNA, coils and knots can form, just like in old telephone cords. A study by SISSA suggests that the solution to this problem comes from the very propensity of DNA to be supercoiled.
Publication date 08/13/2018
Source SISSA
The first giraffes originating from Sardinia
The ancestors of the first giraffes used to live in Sardinia, according to a study conducted on the fossil remains found in Northern Sardinia of an endemic giraffomorph animal that lived in Lower Miocene...
Publication date 08/10/2018
Source UNICA
Childhood brain tumours: silencing a protein to stop progression
An Italian study conducted by NICO-Neuroscience institute Cavaleri Ottolenghi and supported by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC) open up new perspectives for the therapy of medulloblastoma...
Publication date 07/24/2018
Source NICO
A software application to reconstruct the diets of the past
Thanks to a new software application we could soon know what the last meal was on Noah’s Ark or during any other important historical event. The new tool, described in a study published in Ecology...
Publication date 07/12/2018
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
More tornadoes in the Mediterranean Sea due to global warming
Waterspouts and tornadoes are increasingly common in Italian seas due to the rise in the temperature of water caused by global warming. This is the conclusion of a joint study carried out by ENEA and CNR...
Publication date 07/04/2018
Source ENEA
Poplar trees can help fight pollutants
Poplars seem to be able to absorb, transform and accumulate pharmaceutical pollutants such as Diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory active ingredient often found in urban waste water. This is demonstrated by...
Publication date 06/28/2018
Source Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
The mother of all lizards found in the Dolomites
A fossil of Megachirella wachtleri, a small reptile similar to a lizard found about twenty years ago in the Dolomites, was analysed using innovative reconstruction techniques, which push back the start...
Publication date 06/28/2018
Source UNIPD