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WoW: the Italian invention which removes radioactivity from contaminated water

WoW: the Italian invention which removes radioactivity from contaminated water

WoW is the name of the first innovative technology in the world that turns any radioactive and contaminated liquids into pure drinking water. This is the idea of Adriano Marin, an engineer from Padua, who has already been invited to present his discovery in Tokyo, being potentially useful to decontaminate Fukushima site. This revolutionary device is currently in its latest stages of testing before its launch on the market.


Adriano Marin – an engineer from Padua – and his team made this accidental discovery in 2005 while testing a device designed to obtain drinkable water. By slightly changing their system, they realized that they could obtain parameters that were considerably better than expected. Then, the system called WoW (Wonderful Water) was further tested at the Laboratory of Applied Nuclear Energy (LENA) of the University of Pavia and at the laboratories of the National Research Council (CNR), Regional Agency for Environmental Prevention and Protection of Veneto (ARPAV) and ENEA, in order to gradually test its ability to decontaminate water from chemical products, poisons, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, hydrocarbons and radioactive isotopes

“What, in the nuclear lab, we have simulated is a contamination level that is 6,000 times worse than the contamination level of the cooling water at the devastated nuclear reactor in Fukushima” said Adriano Marin. In this case the result was surprising again, with a reduction by 7,500 times of cesium concentration in the liquids treated and a considerable reduction in the production of radioactive waste. The engineer explained that, for example, the amount of waste produced every month by radioactive water treatment in Fukushima occupies a soccer field while, with the new system, the waste volume could be reduced to that of a washing machine. This is why WoW drew the attention of Japanese and Marin was invited to Tokyo to present how this new device works. 


This revolutionary discovery – details of which have not been revealed yet – is based on a few simple principles of classical physics. “The decontamination process is performed by means of a thermodynamic process. Evaporation is performed and so the liquid changes its status from liquid to vapor in which we control the drag effect”, explained Marin. The drag effect is the principle by which vapor produced during evaporation contains molecules of water that are bound to other substances. The new system separates water molecules from other molecules and the original liquid is divided into pure water and in a “concentrated” solution that contains all other substances.  

The device is currently undergoing the early phase of large-scale testing in Saluggia, near Vercelli, where the Avogadro nuclear waste repository is located. Here, the device will turn approximately 45,000 liters of radioactive liquids intovery pure water, with an output of 10 liters of concentrated waste only. If this test is positive, WoW will be ready to start its new phase of industrial and commercial development and be launched on the market.

WoW (Wanderful Water)

Source Redazione ResearchItaly
Publication date 01/08/2015