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Women in Science: 6 young Italian researchers awarded the 2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO award

Women in Science: 6 young Italian researchers awarded the 2018 L’Oréal-UNESCO award

The 2018 Italian edition of the L’Oréal-UNESCO “Women in Science” award ended with the awarding of six young researchers at the University of Milan.

The winners – who work in the fields of medicine, physics and humanities – were selected among over 400 applicants

The awards, consisting of scholarships worth 20,000 euro – were assigned on scientific excellence criteria. 

By means of this concrete support, the initiative promoted by L’Oréal and UNESCO aims at assisting carrier progression of women working in the fields of mathematical, physical and natural and technological sciences, to promote science advances.

In this 2018 edition of the award, the scholarships were assigned to: 

  • Gabriella Giancane, for the projects Study on the Safety of Medicines in Children with Chronic Arthritis that will be carried out at the Pediatric and Rheumatology Clinics of Giannina Gaslini Institute;
  • Margherita Maiuri, for the project Ultra-fast Laser Spectroscopy for Artificial Photosynthesis, which will be carried out at the Department of Physics of the Polytechnic University of Milan;
  • Giulia Pasqual, for the project Identifying the Molecular Targets of the Immune System, which will be carried out at the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the University of Padua and the Paediatric Research Institute of Città della Speranza Foundation; 
  • Maria Principe, for the project Meta-materials to Increase the Sensitivity of Virgo and LIGO Gravitational Wave Detectors, which will be conducted at the Enrico Fermi Research Centre;
  • Gloria Ravegnini, for the project Do Molecules Circulating in Plasma Underlie Cancer Relapse? that will be carried out at the Pharmacogenetics and Pharmacogenomics Laboratory of the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology of the University of Bologna;
  • Daniela Rosso, for the project The Colour and Origins of Symbolic Thought, which will be hosted by the Department of Humanities, Prehistorical and Anthropological Section of the University of Ferrara. 

Launched in 1998 by L’Oréal and UNESCO, “For Women in Science” was the first international award dedicated to women in science. 

Today, the award is included in a large programme for the international promotion of scientific vocation and for recognition of the work of researchers all over the world. 

The Italian initiative L’Oréal Italia Per le Donne e la Scienza, now in its sixteenth edition, from 2002 to date has supported 82 young researchers, who – thanks to the scholarships received – have been able to carry out their research projects.

Source L’Oréal-UNESCO
Publication date 07/03/2018
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