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Researchers at the University of Calabria awarded the prize for best research on Logic Programming

Researchers at the University of Calabria awarded the prize for best research on Logic Programming

The International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP), sponsored by the Association for Logic Programming (ALP), since the first edition held in Marseille in 1982, has been the major international conference on logic programming.

In this year’s edition, which took place in Ireland 31 August to 4 September, the Best Paper Award went to Dr Mario Alviano and Prof. Nicola Leone from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Calabria, for their article “Complexity and Compilation of GZ-Aggregates in Answer Set Programming”.

The award was presented in the course of the Conference. Alviano and Leone also had the honour of speaking at the joint plenary session of the ICLP and CP conferences as part of the bicentenary celebration of the great scientist George Boole, the founder of mathematical logic.

The article, one of the over 100 studies submitted by universities around the world, was awarded by an international committee made up of the leading experts in the field, extensively analyses a logic-based Artificial Intelligence language, presented by the Texas Tech University (USA) in the previous edition of the conference.


In their study, Alviano and Leone identified surprising properties of the language under consideration, with important implications in terms of theory and application, highlighting, among other things, that this language can be implemented with DLV, the Artificial Intelligence system created by Leone himself, which has already been used at universities and research centres worldwide and that is distributed by DLVSYSTEM s.r.l., a spin-off of the University of Calabria.

Given the international importance of ICLP, the award to the two researchers confirms the scientific leading role reached by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Calabria globally, which can also boast a high number of articles selected for publication (4 out of 25) in the special issue of the scientific journal TPLP (Theory and Practice of Logic Programming), which selects the best research works submitted to the Conference.

The award is in addition to those already received both nationally (awards for the best dissertations in Italy to Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro and Annamaria Bria, and the Somalvico Award to Gianluigi Greco) and internationally (Mendelzon Test-Of-Time Award to Nicola Leone, best European doctoral dissertation to Mario Alviano, Kurt Goedel Research Prize to Gianluigi Greco, and ECCAI Fellowship to Prof. Leone).

The Best Paper Award, also important in relation to the relevance of the conference within which the prize is awarded, is a prestigious and coveted award in the scientific context as it proves the high maturity level reached by the authors, whose research work is recognized as relevant in relation to the progress of the scientific community.

Source Università della Calabria
Publication date 09/10/2015
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