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Nature: two Italian researchers among the world’s best emerging scientists

Nature: two Italian researchers among the world’s best emerging scientists

“The world at their feet” is the title of the article with which the prestigious journal Nature celebrates the 11 international scientists that with their studies “are making their mark in science”. They include two Italian researchers: Silvia Marchesan, University of Trieste, and Giorgio Vacchiano, University of Milan, in sixth and eleventh place respectively.

Silvia Marchesan is Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Trieste. After obtaining her degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies from the University of Trieste, she completed her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and carried out her research activity in Finland and Australia. In 2015, she started her activity as an independent researcher in Italy after receiving funding from the SIR-Scientific Independence of young Researchers call of the Ministry of Education, University and Research. With her research, Silvia Marchesan has developed a cost-effective and efficacious hydrogel of self-assembling proteins which can be used to repair body tissue and deliver drugs.  

Giorgio Vacchiano is a researcher at the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Milan. His research activity focuses in particular on forest management, the study of the resistance and resilience of forests to climate change, and the consequences of forest fires. With his studies, Vacchiano has pioneered the use of mathematical modelling for forest management. His current research focuses on optimizing forest management to mitigate climate change.

Nature selected the best profiles from 500 researchers from around the world who were assessed using the Nature Index, the index that tracks the affiliations of high-quality natural science articles, and the League of Scholars Whole-of-Web (WoW) ranking, which identifies the most influential researchers using an algorithm. The 11 scientists selected by Nature showed a steady citation growth over the years and obtained very high scores in the WoW ranking, which earned them the prestigious mention.


Source Nature
Publication date 09/25/2018