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Excellent researchers: many Italians among Consolidator Grants 2017 winners

Excellent researchers: many Italians among Consolidator Grants 2017 winners

Italians are among the top grantees of Consolidator Grants 2017: the grants allocated by the European Research Council-ERC to researchers who are consolidating their scientific career. 

This is the result of the recent ERC call which allocated 630 million euro to 329 excellent academics of 39 different nationalities. 

With 33 grantees, the Italian researchers rank second after German scientists who were awarded 55 grants. French and British researchers follow with 32 and 31 grant beneficiaries, respectively. 

The selected projects will be conducted at the universities and research centres of 22 European countries, with leading locations in the United Kingdom, hosting 60 projects, and Germany, France and The Netherlands hosting 56, 38 and 25 projects, respectively.

Italy will host 14 research projects, 2 of which at the University of Milan and the remaining 12, one each at the following sites: University of Padua, Sapienza University of Rome, International School for Advanced Studies, Polytechnic University of Turin, University of Pisa, National Institute for Astrophysics, National Research Council, National Institute for Nuclear Physics, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italian Institute of Technology, European Laboratory for Non-linear Spectroscopy, University of Turin. 

The grants will be used to address the scientific challenges at the frontier of knowledge in all disciplinary domains, in the 3 macro-sectors of life science, physical sciences and engineering, social sciences and humanities. 

Among projects to be conducted in Italy, 10 are in the macro-sector of physical sciences and engineering. Of these, 3 concern the fundamental constituents of the matter, 2 process and product engineering and 1 each the fields of mathematics, physics and analytical chemical sciences, system and communication engineering, science of the universe, sciences of the Earth. 

Only one Italian project is in the macro-sector of life sciences – with focus on evolutionary, population and environmental biology – while the remaining 3 projects funded concern social sciences and humanities, 2 on the theme of cultures and cultural production, 1 on human mind and its complexity. 

At the national level there is a strong concentration in the distribution of funds by macro-sector, with over 71.4% of the projects being funded in the field of physical sciences and engineering, over 21.4% in social sciences and humanities and over 7.1% in life sciences.

In Europe, 45.9% of total projects funded are in the field of physical sciences and engineering, 30.7% in life sciences and the remaining 23.4% in social sciences and humanities.

Overall, the 329 grantees were selected from 2,538 research proposals submitted to ERC for evaluation, with a successful rate of 13%. 32% of the grants were assigned to women.

The Consolidator Grants have a maximum value of 2 million euro each and are granted to 5-year research projects submitted by researchers who have gained 7 to 12 years of experience after obtaining their PhD.



Source Consiglio Europeo della Ricerca
Publication date 12/07/2017