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Ceres: the dwarf planet rich in water and ice
The dwarf planet Ceres, situated in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, is extremely dynamic from a geological point of view: it contains water and ice in the outer layers of its crust.
Publication date 04/04/2018
Source INAF
Diagnostic tests, hi-tech tattoos available soon
An Italian team of researchers has developed a new technology for monitoring patients or athletes over long periods of time: a series of electrodes that can be tattooed on the skin and obtained using an...
Publication date 03/28/2018
Source IIT
Earthquakes: deep magma source found under the Apennines
In the Southern Apennines there is a deep source of magma the ascent of which could generate earthquakes of significant magnitudes and deeper than the seismicity typical of this area.
Publication date 02/05/2018
Source INGV