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Diabetes, cure on its way with gene therapy and stem cells
With the infusion of stem cells in the blood, “engineered” to increase the synthesis of a protein called PD-L1, deficient in patients, it is possible to obtain the remission of Type 1 diabetes....
Publication date 12/15/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Milano
Advances in early diagnosis of breast cancer
Sixty-five new genetic variants associated with the risk of developing breast cancer have been identified by an international team of researchers led by the University of Cambridge and which involved Italy...
Publication date 12/01/2017
Source IFOM
Cancer: Italian research paves the way to new immunotherapies
To develop and grow undisturbed, tumours can block the natural defenses of the body by using some “brakes” of the immune system to their advantage. A recent Italian study published in the Nature...
Publication date 11/17/2017
Source Humanitas
Quantum Communication in Space: a new record for Italy
Quantum communications are a strategic sector of international research as they ensure hack proof confidential communications. For the first time ever, an Italian study carried out by the Italian Space...
Publication date 11/08/2017
Source ASI
Agri-food, pearl millet can resist drought
The decoding of the pearl millet genome sequence, a project involving an international team of 65 scientists from 30 different research institutions, makes it possible to unveil the winning strategies...
Publication date 11/02/2017
Source CNR
PCs of the future, on-chip quantum memory developed
A new class of internal computer memories based on quantum mechanics promises to revolutionize research and innovation in the field of computer science. 
Publication date 10/30/2017
Source Università di Verona
Brain plasticity, new “switch” discovered
Scientists have recently discovered a new “switch” of brain plasticity, the brain ability of adapting in response to environmental stimuli as well as self-repairing following a lesion or damage....
Publication date 10/27/2017
Source NICO