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Health: UniBo patented a device that repairs tendons and ligaments
The regeneration and replacement of damaged tendon and ligament tissue were the aim of a team of researchers at University of Bologna who developed and patented an innovative scaffold, to be used both...
Publication date 11/12/2018
Source Università di Bologna
Life in space: Paolo Nespoli’s story at Festival del Blu
It may be surprising that the story of a great scientific and technological adventure can capture people’s imagination more than an adventure at the edges of reality. It is not surprising, however...
Publication date 10/23/2018
Source Redazione ResearchItaly
Medical diagnostics: the revolution may come from a transistor
Diagnosing diseases before the onset of symptoms through the detection of some specific markers. It could become possible thanks to a millimetre-sized transistor that can be produced on a large scale and...
Publication date 10/05/2018
Source CNR
Ca’Foscari, tides provide data on past climate
Tidal records provide precious data on ocean water masses, working as actual “liquid archives” to reconstruct the climate of the past.
Publication date 09/14/2018
Source Università Ca’Foscari di Venezia