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Diabetes in adults, what therapies are available?
What are the most effective therapies to combat latent diabetes in adults? This is the focus of a study conducted by researchers at the Department of Experimental Medicine of Sapienza University of Rome...
Publication date 10/16/2017
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Astrophysics: the history of planetary systems in the orbits
How common is the birth of planetary systems with a high number of planets, such as the Solar System? Angelo Zinzi and Diego Turrini, astrophysicists at ASI-SSDC and at INAF in Rome, have analyzed the...
Publication date 10/13/2017
Source INAF
Submerged world of Venice revealed by ISMAC-CNR study
The submerged world of Venice has been revealed. Detailed morphological observations of the Venice Lagoon canals have been carried out for the first time by the Institute of Marine Sciences of the National...
Publication date 10/12/2017
Source CNR
Clean energy from giant reed, thanks to Watbio European project
We will soon be able to produce sustainable biomass from giant reed, i.e. to obtain clean energy from an absolutely natural source. This is the result achieved under the “Watbio” European project...
Publication date 10/11/2017
Source Università di Bologna
Precious information about radioactivity risk
Cryoconites, dark sediments found in the Monteratsch glacier in Switzerland, will provide precious information on the future of radioactive substances produced by nuclear tests and accidents stored under...
Publication date 10/04/2017
Source INFN
Parkinson’s Disease, new gene therapy successfully tested
A new potential weapon to fight the toxic deposits that cause Parkinson’s disease has been developed by a team of Italian researchers, coordinated by Vania Broccoli, researcher at the Neuroscience...
Publication date 09/22/2017
Source CNR
Cloud formation: for ISAC-CNR it depends on polar sea ice
Polar sea ice seems to be crucial not only for the biology of oceans but also for the composition of the atmosphere overhead. This is one of the conclusions of an international team including researchers...
Publication date 09/07/2017
Source CNR
CNR: European capitals increasingly affected by  heatwaves
Urban  heatwaves are increasing in frequency, intensity and duration. It is revealed by a study published in the journal Atmosphere by four research institutions in Florence: the Institute of Biometeorology...
Publication date 09/06/2017
Source CNR