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Unicam for the development of health tourism. EU to fund the “CHARMED” project

Unicam for the development of health tourism. EU to fund the “CHARMED” project

The excellent research of the University of Camerino has received an important recognition. The European Commission has recently announced that a grant of 2.5 million euro will be assigned to the “CHARMED” European project, also involving the University of Camerino (Unicam), under the Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie RISE Research and Innovation Programme.

The “CHARMED” project was submitted by an European consortium of small enterprises and universities, also including the University of Camerino, which collaborate in the development of this project. The University of Camerino is represented by the research team coordinated by Piera Di Martino, Professor of the School of Drug and Health Product Sciences, in collaboration with researchers Roberta Censi and Manuela Cortese.

For the implementation of the “CHARMED” project, the municipality of Nemi was selected, thanks to its geographical location, its important cultural heritage and the quality of life of its population. 

“The aim of the project – said Professor Piera Di Martino – is to develop a “a new concept of green community”, where recreation, well-being and health of the population are promoted in order to assess their ecologic, economic and social impact. The development of small green communities, usually found in smaller towns and far from the main tourist flows, can be promoted with the aim of developing “health tourism” involving both the local population, tourists, especially those of retirement age, as well as patients in rehabilitation following severe diseases, such as cancer”.

The main goal is therefore to provide a model of socio-economic self-sustainability, where healthy aging can be promoted in synergy with local activities.

The implementation of the “CHARMED” project has brought together the scientific and socio-economic competences of universities and small enterprises from Italy, United Kingdom, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Germany and the Netherlands, with the aim of setting up an alternative socio-economic infrastructure for the development of a tourism based on the improvement of physical and psychological well-being.

In particular, the research team of the University of Camerino will assess the quality of the microenvironment of the town of Nemi from the chemical-olfactory point of view. Samples of air, water and soil will be collected and analyzed with the most advanced analytical methods available at the School of Drug and Health Product Sciences. The impact of microclimate on the health of the population will be evaluated on a population sample (residents and tourists), through the assessment of clinical parameters.

Publication date 03/17/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Camerino
Tag Life Sciences , Social Sciences and Humanities