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Sea energy: PELAGOS Italian hub about to start

Sea energy: PELAGOS Italian hub about to start

To promote sea source exploitation through a network of SMEs, electric power companies, research institutes, financial operators, service providers and final users in Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain is the objective of the newly set up Italian hub called PELAGOS Blue Energy Cluster per il Mediterraneo, which was presented in Rome on 5 October 2017 by the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development – ENEA during the workshop “Blue Energy: trend tecnologici e opportunità di mercato per le imprese italiane”.

In the PELAGOS European project – said Gianmaria Sannino, head of ENEA Laboratory of Climate Modelling that develops technologies for sea energy – ENEA plays a leading role for several lines of activities, besides being active in the planning and general management of the project, which can count on 2.4 million euro funded by the EU within the Interreg-MED programme.

In particular, – said Gianmaria Sanninowe will offer our skills in mapping sea energy resources and in developing technologies for the conversion of wave energy. We will also contribute to the implementation of plans for the transfer of results and scientific dissemination, at industrial level and with national and European political decision-makers”.

The workshop also provided the opportunity to share the Position PaperOcean energy exploitation in Italy: ongoing R&D activities” with national experts and stakeholders in the field of sea energy. The document was developed with the collaboration of the major Italian public and private actors operating in this field and is completely focused on Italian research and development activities in sea energy and on the positive impact they have on the related industry and on employment.

The Position Paper – said Gianmaria Sanninoprovides an up-to-date overview, with data and guidelines for the development of sea sources also by increasing national and international investments. Italy has advanced very much, both in research and technological development and has a leading position now among the international actors in this field. The Mediterranean Sea offers great opportunities of using sea energy, even if the greatest availability of sea energy resources in Europe is on the Adriatic Coast”.

Publication date 10/30/2017
Source ENEA
Tag Blue growth , Energy , Life Sciences , Physical Sciences and Engineering