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School-work alternation: MIUR-ADSI Memorandum of Understanding signed

School-work alternation: MIUR-ADSI Memorandum of Understanding signed

One of the main objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research – MIUR and the Italian Historic Houses Association – ADSI is to create useful learning and growth opportunities for Italian students, sharing the experience of protection and valorization of cultural heritage of the historic houses system and their owners.

The MIUR-ADSI Memorandum of Understanding, representing over 4,500 owners of heritage listed buildings across Italy, was presented on 14 July 2016 in Florence during the round table on school-work alternation: The “path” through the Italian historic, artistic and cultural heritage enhanced by historic houses,held at Palazzo Vecchio.

The MIUR–ADSI agreement involves, in the context of the school-work alternating programmes, in synergy with the national educational system, the design of training opportunities as part of the so-called “new culture economy”, which help students develop transferable skills, for example in the arts sector, fundamental for the protection of cultural heritage, the new professions related to tourism promotion, the use of languages and media communication channels, with the aim to promote the Italian artistic and cultural heritage on foreign markets.

In addition, a preliminary analysis conducted on a sample of about 100 historic houses, presented during the round table, revealed that the agreement has various areas of application: tourism promotion on foreign markets through storytelling and multimedia communication channels, development of eco-tourism proposals, organization of events, the restaurant industry, and the professions related to the protection of cultural heritage.

The MIUR – ADSI Memorandum of Understanding was illustrated during the event by Gabriele Toccafondi, Undersecretary of State at MIUR, Carmela Palumbo, MIUR Director General for Education Ordinances and evaluation of the national education system, Fabrizio Proietti from the Directorate General for Education Ordinances and evaluation of the national education system,  along with Gaddo della Gherardesca, National President of ADSI, Nicola Leone de Renzis Sonnino, former Vice President of ADSI, Luciano Monti, Coordinator of the Economic Observatory of the Bruno Visentini Foundation, and Lucia Baracchini, I.I.S. “A.Pacinotti” Head Teacher.  

Publication date 08/05/2016
Source ADSI
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