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Polimi to participate in the Sharing Cities project

Polimi to participate in the Sharing Cities project

The Polytechnic University of Milan will be involved, through the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies-DAStU and the Department of Energy-DENG, in the Sharing Cities project, an initiative aimed at developing innovative and integrated solutions towards the implementation of smart cities, funded under the H2020 Smart Cities and Communities (SCC1).

The project involves over 30 partners from the industry, universities and NGOs of 6 European countries (United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy, France, Bulgaria and Poland), to create some smart districts in 3 “lighthouse cities” (London, Lisbon, Milan) and three “fellow cities” (Bordeaux, Burgas, Warsaw), involving citizens also to spread the concept of Smart Cities among common people.

The project is coordinated by the Greater London Authority, and will initially involve the three “lighthouse cities” of Milan, London and Lisbon and then, at completion of the first “smart” district, the three “fellow” cities of Bordeaux, Burgas and Warsaw, where the model will be replicated.

The ten objectives of the project are:

  • Aggregating demand and implementing “smart” solutions for cities
  • Testing shared and replicable innovative models
  • Attracting new investments
  • Accelerating the adoption of “smart” solutions for cities
  • Creating pilot districts at “almost” zero emission
  • Changing the way of thinking about energy supply in favour of local renewable sources
  • Promoting new electric mobility models
  • Involving citizens in designing measures
  • Promoting open data to services that meet the actual needs of citizens
  • Encouraging local innovation to create new business and new job opportunities

During the project, each city involved will implement and test innovative and smart solutions characterized by a high level of replicability and effectiveness in electric mobility, energy efficiency in buildings, public lighting, ICT.

In London, the project will involve the Greenwich district and in Lisbon the historical centre, while in Milan the project will involve Porta Romana and Vettabbia districts where, under the coordination of the Polytechnic University of Milan, the following measures will be implemented: energy requalification of buildings, electric mobility development with installation of columns to recharge vehicles and electric car sharing organization, implementation of Energy Management System to integrate and optimize energy sources available in the district. Finally, a platform will be created to actively involve citizens.

The project is by its very nature open to listening and involving all stakeholders, stimulating co-design processes, participatory and collaborative design.

Sharing Cities is a five-year initiative funded under H2020 programme with 24 million euro with the perspective of activating 500 million of investment by involving over 100 EU municipalities all over Europe.

Publication date 07/24/2017
Tag Sustainable Mobility , Smart Communities