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Physics in the kitchen on show in L’Aquila, on the Researchers’ Night

Physics in the kitchen on show in L’Aquila, on the Researchers’ Night

What do haute cuisine and major physics themes have in common? Apparently nothing, but the dialogue between science and the art of cooking may hold unexpected insight, as shown in “L’Universo è servito. Racconti di fisica in cucina”, a show which will take place on 30 September in L’Aquila. The funds raised from the evening, promoted within the European Researchers’ Night, will go entirely to “Sharper per AMATRICE”, the project to support the areas hit by the earthquake.

The participation of the National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) in the European Researchers’ Night – an European Commission initiative including several events which will take place simultaneously in a number of cities in Italy aimed at bringing the general public closer to research activities – will peak in L’Aquila, with half-serious show “L’Universo è servito. Racconti di fisica in cucina”. On 30 September, the Auditorium in L’Aquila will host an unusual debate between nuclear physics and cooking focused on what we know and what we don’t know about the Universe. The debate will feature a physicist who loves cooking, Fernando Ferroni, President of INFN, and a chef curious about science, Michelin-starred chef William Zonfa. The seemingly distance between the two protagonists will be mediated by the irony of TV presenter Marco Castellazzi, as well as videos, images and animations.

During the evening, Fernando Ferroni will provide his cooking interpretations of physics, telling about the background, ideas and discoveries which have inspired the very original cooking inventions proposed by Zonfa. The public will explore the major questions of contemporary physics – about dark matter, gravitational waves or the origin of the Universe – through the cooking inventions by the Michelin-starred chef: from inflationary crunchy rice to the very tasty gravitational eggs or the excellent dark cream. The unusual union will offer the participants the opportunity to taste cooking recipes inspired by physics, thinking about the similarities between scientists and chefs: two careers which share creativity and research, although in a different way. The funds raised from the evening – with admission ticket of 7 euro – will go entirely to the “Sharper per AMATRICE” project, which supports the areas hit by the earthquake.

In L’Aquila, the events of the researchers’ night are promoted under the SHARPER project, which will take place in 5 different cities – L’Aquila, Perugia, Ancona, Cascina, and Palermo – and are coordinated by Psiquadro, a collaboration including the University of Perugia, Polytechnic University of Marche, INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratories, University of Palermo, EGO Consortium and Observa Scienza e Società.

Publication date 09/28/2016
Source Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare
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