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Personalized medicine: Italy to lead the European Regions4PerMed project

Personalized medicine: Italy to lead the European Regions4PerMed project

Regions4PerMed is a European project designed to support the development of personalized medicine, enhancing the crucial role of Regions and collaboration between local contexts. The project is funded with 1.7 million euro by the European Union and has Italy involved through two institutions of excellence in the field of life sciences: Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, project coordinator, and Fondazione Regionale per la Ricerca Biomedica of Regione Lombardia.

Regions4PerMed, an acronym for Interregional coordination for a fast and deep uptake of personalised health, will address issues such as artificial intelligence and electronic health records, telemedicine and innovative procurement with the aim of identifying the major obstacles to the development of personalized medicine, while identifying the investments to be made at both national and interregional level.

The project is based on dialogue between experts from 50 European regions, with the aim of involving up to 180 different regions and over 1,000 stakeholders. In addition to coordinating regional policies, the project is designed to encourage the development of personalized medicine in Europe and provide guidelines on investment schemes to the European Commission, Member States and regional authorities.

These activities will lay the foundation for the medicine of the future”, commented Paola Ricciardi Castagnoli, immunologist and Scientific Director of Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences, “where it will be possible to intervene much earlier in the development of diseases through the identification of prognostic biomarkers. Patients will be treated with more appropriate drugs chosen based on the precise knowledge of the genome and gene expression of individual patients”, concluded Castagnoli.

The project will run for four years and will end in 2022.


Publication date 12/18/2018
Source Toscana Life Sciences
Tag Health , Life Sciences