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More nature in the city, Bologna involved in the EU Connecting Nature project

More nature in the city, Bologna involved in the EU Connecting Nature project

Bringing cities to life, bringing life to cities” is the motto of Connecting Nature: an innovation action funded by the European Union with approximately 12 million euro, which has began under the coordination of the Trinity College of Dublin. 

Italy is involved in the project – with the full name of Coproduction with Nature for City Transitioning, Innovation and Governance – with the Metropolitan City of Bologna. The aim of this measure is to make Europe become world leader in designing and adopting innovative solutions to introduce natural elements in urban contexts. 

In particular, under the Connecting Nature action – funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Development Programme – 11 European cities will invest in the large-scale implementation of nature-based solutions, will measure the impact of the approach adopted and will share their experience globally. 

The project, which involves the city of Bologna, aims at identifying and promoting new answers to the urbanization challenges: a growing phenomenon that is estimated to bring, by 2050, the share of European population living in cities up to 80%.

In such a scenario, new solutions aimed at integrating nature in urban contexts can contribute to fight the consequences of uncontrolled urbanization, urban degradation, air, water and soil pollution and its effects on citizens’ health, climate change and the alarming increase in the risk of natural disasters. 

The partners of the Connecting Nature consortium intend to build a community of cities aimed at strengthening their capacity to identify policy and practices necessary to improve resilience, innovation and governance in urban contexts. 

Bringing together city governments, SMEs, academia and civic society, the project aims at producing usable knowledge in all cities and to spread it through multiplication strategies. Project data and results will be shared on the Oppla platform

Publication date 07/17/2017
Source Città metropolitana di Bologna
Tag Design, Creativity and Made in Italy , Life Sciences