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Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry

Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry

The Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry is a project of the Institute for Computing Applications "Mauro Picone" of the Italian National Research Council (IAC-CNR). It is financed by the Ministry of Education, University and Research for three years and developed in collaboration with the Italian Society for Applied and Industrial Mathematics (SIMAI) and the Italian Association for Operations Research (AIRO). The Mission of the Mathematical Desk is to build a concrete bridge on common interests between the Italian mathematical community and the world of enterprises.

Mathematics represents one of the key factors for innovation and development of an industrial system. This concept is emphasized by several worldwide economic organizations. Thus, in the last few years, several countries have strengthened the network of collaborations between research centers of mathematics and the world of enterprises.

Mathematical techniques are flexible - because they can be customized to the particular needs of a firm, highly reliable and can be applied to process optimization and product innovation. For example, to build a new industrial prototype, the use of specifically developed mathematical models and simulation methods can considerably reduce the economic and time resources needed to the experimental stage. Therefore, the title of industrial mathematician is establishing on the job market (especially in North-America and in some European Countries) as a specific professional role: a technology translator - centered on the role of mathematics - that, besides specific scientific competence, has other skills such as the knowledge of industrial processes, teamwork and the ability to communicate with industrial partners.

The Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry is established at the end of 2012 to support and boost the presence and the contribution of this figure in Italy. Its mission is to build a concrete bridge of common interest between the Italian mathematical community and the world of enterprises.

MatematicaMatematicaThe Mathematical Desk - supported by a network of partners representing University departments, research centers, spin-off companies working on mathematics applied to industrial problems - supply consulting services in the field of scientific and technological transfer focused on the role of mathematics. Its aim is to encourage Italian firms to enhance the quality of their products and processes and achieve their economic objectives.

The project team consists of a group of researchers in the field of applied mathematics: they develop relationships with firms promoting the role of mathematics for industrial innovation. After the first contact, the researchers of the Mathematical Desk support the companies in the analysis of their critical industrial processes and identify, in the network of scientific partners, the research centers with proven expertise in the specific application required. Besides research activity in the field of industrial mathematics, the Mathematical Desk conducts a brokering role between the company and the selected research center, supervises the project and follows all the stages.

Among the numerous objectives of the Mathematical Desk for Italian Industry, the following are worth mentioning: to include the Italian mathematical community in the European context of industrial mathematics; to stimulate Italian enterprises to hire qualified mathematicians, thus strengthening scientific relationships between industry and academia.

Publication date 07/30/2013
Source Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo “Mauro Picone” - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IAC-CNR)
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