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Jobot, the office robot of the University of Pisa, is here

Jobot, the office robot of the University of Pisa, is here

Jobot is a robot conceived and designed to navigate in complex and confined spaces, including offices and factories, which can support men’s work and make it easier, and improve the production efficiency by carrying objects independently. The robot – recently presented at MECSPE in Parma, the Italian chain of manufacturing industry –is the result of over a year of investigations carried out at the “E. Piaggio” Research Centre of the University of Pisa and at the innovative startup Eutronica.

“The robot – said Lucia Pallottino, Vice Director of Piaggio Centre and Professor of robotics at the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa – is equipped with a navigation system which maps the environment where it operates and allows it to independently calculate preferred paths, avoid unexpected obstacles, recognize situations of potential danger and take the most appropriate actions in real time, including stopping or choosing alternative routes”.

Designed by Italian researchers Alessandro Settimi, Lucia Pallottino, Anna Mannucci and Andrea Timpani, Jobot is equipped with a sophisticated driving and navigation system and can work “in teams”, carrying out its duties in perfect synchrony and in a complementary way with other similar robots. According to the researchers, Jobots will be soon able to communicate among themselves to avoid possible collisions.

“The Piaggio Centre – continued Lucia Pallottino – has been working for several years on robots based on V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) communication, i.e. methods and services which allow the independent coordination of vehicles without any human intervention. In the case of Jobot, the simultaneous request of a high number of missions in large working environments is managed by a server to optimize movements and times of use of all the available units”.

Publication date 04/18/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
Tag Physical Sciences and Engineering