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IPERDRONE: the “made in Italy” drone that will supply the International Space Station

IPERDRONE: the “made in Italy” drone that will supply the International Space Station

It was designed to re-enter from low orbit through the Earth’s atmosphere and will operate as a space “messenger”, bringing back to Earth the materials of the scientific experiments conducted on the International Space Station.

We are talking about IPERDRONE, a “made in Italy” project funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI) involving the Temporary Business Partnership led by the Italian Aerospace Research Centre (CIRA) in Capua, with the participation of the companies Tyvak International and Kayser Italia.

The IPERDRONE project will consist of a series of sequential missions, characterized by incremental objectives, aimed at the flight qualification of a new type of mission and the related enabling technologies. The objective of the programme is in fact to create a future space system consisting of a drone that, when not in use, will be located on the ISS and released to be sent on different missions, including re-entry to Earth.

IPERDRONE’s first mission, called DAVID, is scheduled for autumn 2019. On that occasion, the Italian space aircraft will perform its first test to demonstrate its capability to interact with the International Space Station,  with the transport of the first payloads. In that period, one of the “tenants” of the International Space Station will be Luca Parmitano, who will be the first Italian commander of the ISS.

Publication date 09/05/2018
Source ASI
Tag Aerospace