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Food quality and safety: ENEA holds the leadership of the METROFOOD-RI project

Food quality and safety: ENEA holds the leadership of the METROFOOD-RI project

For the first time, an Italian-led research infrastructure was selected among the excellences in the “Health&Food” area of the European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures-ESFRI roadmap, which identifies the strategic infrastructures for European research.

We are talking about METROFOOD-RI, the project coordinated by ENEA which involves more than 2,200 researchers affiliated to over 48 European research institutions engaged in the field of food safety, quality and traceability of food products and the fight against counterfeiting.

METROFOOD-RI is a distributed research infrastructure which aims at promoting food safety and quality also through the use, in the agri-food sector, of metrology, an emerging research area which opens new opportunities in terms of quality and traceability of food products.

METROFOOD–RI aims at providing services at the local level, by acting on the reliability of measures and the harmonization of procedures, by means of a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Re-usable) approach in data management, in order to align research and innovation to the values, needs and expectations of society, in line with the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation”, said ENEA researcher Giovanna Zappa, coordinator of METROFOOD-RI.

Besides improving the reliability of measures and strengthening scientific knowledge in agri-food, METROFOOD-RI will help bringing science closer to citizens’ needs and strengthening consumers’ trust in the quality of products.

In Italy the project led to the setting up of the Joint Research Unit METROFOOD-IT, a working team that includes some of the major research institutions in the agri-food sector, including: ENEA, CNR, CREA, FEM, ICQRF, IEO, INRIM, ISS and the Universities of Brescia, Napoli Federico II, Parma and Udine.


Publication date 10/31/2018
Source ENEA
Tag Agrifood , Health