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Flying green with new fuels: Polytechnic University of Milan drives innovation

Flying green with new fuels: Polytechnic University of Milan drives innovation

A new platform will make it possible to optimize the formulation and streamline the approval process of new aviation fuels, to the full benefit of efficiency and reduction of pollution levels.

The development of this innovative platform is part of the JETSCREEN-JET Fuel SCREENing and Optimization research project, which involves the Polytechnic University of Milan, funded under the Horizon 2020 European research programme.

At present, a lengthy and costly approval process, called ASTM D4054, is required before an alternative renewable fuel can be brought to market. The JETSCREEN project aims to develop a simple and cost-effective screening platform for testing new fuels before the approval process, assessing the impact of fuel on engine, components and emissions.

The new platform will, therefore, provide a qualitative and quantitative assessment of fuel, also defining any changes to be made in the formulation to ensure performance targets and emission reductions.

Launched in 2017, JETSCREEN will run for three years and is funded with 7.5 million euro in the context of Horizon 2020 Smart, Green and Integrated Transport projects. The project involves universities, research centres and companies from Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Publication date 12/14/2017
Source Politecnico di Milano
Tag Green Chemistry , Smart Communities