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Bruno Kessler Foundation, monitoring air quality in mountain lodges: SenSat project presented

Bruno Kessler Foundation, monitoring air quality in mountain lodges: SenSat project presented

The SenSAT project, coordinated by Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK, was presented on 6 July 2017 at Rifugio Bindesi - Pino Prati. The project aims to develop a sensor to monitor air quality in mountain lodges and will involve about 200 students under the age of 19 years from 7 high schools, mainly in their fourth year.

Last year, the Foundation completed the DomoSens project, a detector for air quality monitoring in homes, which was met with enthusiasm by participants and gained the interest of the educational institutions involved.

Building on this experience, this year the Foundation proposes the SenSAT project, which will apply the work done for DomoSens to the mountain lodges of the Società Alpinisti Tridentini – SAT (Society of Tridentine Alpinists) with the aim to monitor air quality, thus improving the level of the hospitality offered and increasing the safety of the facilities, allowing the detection of possible fire events in their initial stages.

The project includes the creation of a ‘control room’ that will handle all the information gathered by the sensors implementing the alert procedures. The activities that will be carried out by the students include a historical and geographical analysis of the existing lodges in Trentino, an assessment of their socio-economic role, the adaptation of the design of the Domosens product to the specific requirements, and the preparation of the paste sensitive to the gas to be monitored.  

“The possibility exists”, said Pierluigi Bellutti, Scientific Director for FBK, “that from this experience, together with that of ‘DomoSens’, an innovative, start-up or cooperative entrepreneurial entity can emerge, as well as an innovative work-related learning model that is replicable and transferable elsewhere. At the moment, ‘DomoSens’ has raised the interest of national representations, such as the National Forensic Council and the Industrial Design Association, that will agree with FBK to include modules pertaining to their area of expertise: a first step to transfer the model outside the Trentino area”.

The SenSat project brings with it several positive and strategic aspects. It allows students to make an active work-related learning experience, educational institutions to shorten the distance between school and world of work, SAT, the beneficiary, to have a useful tool for the safety of its structures and to bring the millennials closer to mountain lodges, and the Trentino area to have the opportunity to become a great laboratory for smart solutions (smart area).

In addition to FBK, project promoter, the initiative involves the following partners: SAT, ITT Buonarroti-Pozzo – Trento, the scientific high school Curie – Pergine, arts high schools Depero – Rovereto and Vittoria – Trento, the scientific high school Guetti – Tione, ITT Marconi – Rovereto, the high school Prati – Trento, ITE Tambosi-Battisti – Trento.

Other organizations involved in training activities are: Trentino Sviluppo, HIT-Hub Innovazione Trentino, University of Ferrara – Physics Department, Federation of Trentino Cooperatives, National Forensic Council, ADI – Association for Industrial Design. The project will be supported by a contribution from the Caritro Foundation.

Publication date 09/04/2017
Source Fondazione Bruno Kessler
Tag Smart Communities , Technologies for Living Environments