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Architecture 4.0, here comes the house of the future made in Sapienza

Architecture 4.0, here comes the house of the future made in Sapienza

Developing the best full-scale prototype of house of the future is the ambitious challenge taken on by the ReStart4Smart project, presented in Milan by a team from Sapienza University of Rome.

Entirely made of wood, fueled by solar power and smart, the house designed by Sapienza will be built and tested – starting from December next year – in Pomezia, and will then be transported to Dubai in the following month of November.

Here, the Italian finalist prototype will compete with the projects submitted by 20 universities from all over the world, to win Solar Decathlon Middle East: the university Olympics of sustainable architecture. The house will be evaluated by the jury after being fully furnished and perfectly functioning.

Design, innovative materials, renewable sources and Home Automation are the pillars of the house of the future made in Sapienza, which can count on the support of new technologies, thanks to the collaboration of the Sapienza team with several leading companies in this field, including Microsoft that hosted the project presentation at Microsoft House.

According to the ambitious model defined as Architecture 4.0ReStart4Smart aims to apply and test the most advanced tools currently available to the construction industry in order to create a sustainable home that can meet the many needs of efficiency, comfort, safety and affordability

Sapienza solar house pursues this goal at 4 different levels, synthetized in the project acronym. In particular:

  • a typological level (Smart Shape) related to the shape and orientation of the building encourages natural lighting and ventilation, the use of energy renewable energy and the reduction of energy requirements;

  • a technical-construction level (Smart Envelope) to maximize resiliency and flexibility of the structure by reducing construction costs and time, and maximize the levels of thermal, acoustic and visual comfort;

  • a technological level (Smart Systems) to promote the use of high efficiency system solutions, water recovery and treatment, the integration of renewable energy sources and the use of advanced building automation systems and Internet of Things (IoT);

  • a socio-cultural level (Smart People) through training and direct involvement of users who, thanks to home automation systems, will be able to better manage energy consumption and comfort levels.

Protagonist of this ambitious project is a multidisciplinary team that promotes Italian young talents, by bringing together 50 among the best university and doctoral students from the Schools of Architecture, Civil and Industrial Engineering and Political Sciences of Sapienza University of Rome, coordinated by professors of the different disciplines.




Publication date 11/22/2017
Source Università Sapienza di Roma
Tag Design, Creativity and Made in Italy