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ArchAIDE is underway: the European project that will evolutionize archaeology

ArchAIDE is underway: the European project that will evolutionize archaeology

The ArchAIDE European project aims at developing a highly innovative app for the archaeological practice, which can quickly recognize potsherds and improve dating and classification systems. The project, funded under the Horizon 2020 European programme, is coordinated by the researchers of the University of Pisa.

Potsherd classification is crucially important in the correct comprehension and dating of archaeological contexts; however, this activity requires extensive knowledge and is extremely time-consuming for researchers. To help archaeologists to reduce time and costs of their work, by developing a very practical technological tool that can be used in any contexts, the European project called ArchAIDE (Archaeological Automatic Interpretation and Documentation of cEramics) has been recently launched and will be funded by almost 3 million euro by the European Commission under Horizon 2020.

The project involves private research bodies and companies from 5 countries under the coordination of the Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge of the University of Pisa. “ArchAIDE is an ambitious project addressed to all people involved in archaeology, from freelancers to archaeological companies, from researchers to museum curators, and civil servants, for a global collaboration with innovation, sustainability and sharing as the keywords”, said project coordinator Letizia Gualandi, University of Pisa.

The main objective of the ArchAIDE project is to develop a highly innovative app that can recognize and classify fragmented potsherds, to support archaeologists in classifying these findings. Moreover, ArchAIDE aims at improving access and promotion of the European archaeological heritage through the development and implementation of an open-data database, which will allow all app users to use this information.

The three-year ArchAIDE project involves Italian researchers from the Institute of Science and Information Technologies of the National Research Council (ISTI-CNR) in Italy, Tel Aviv University in Israel, University of York in the United Kingdom, Universitat de Barcelona in Spain, Universitaet zu Koeln in Germany, and companies Baraka Arqueologos s.l. (Spain); Elements centro de gestio i difusio de patrimoni cultural (Spain); and Inera srl (Italy). 

Publication date 07/08/2016
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
Tag Social Sciences and Humanities