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Aging and physical exercise, programme for the elderly launched in Cagliari

Aging and physical exercise, programme for the elderly launched in Cagliari

120 elderly people involved for twelve weeks in a programme of “soft” motor activities and cultural activities is the aim of the clinical study Active aging and health launched by the University of Cagliari, which will start in January 2019. 

The project, carried out by the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health of the University of Cagliari will be conducted under the scientific leadership of Mauro Carta, in collaboration with Coni. The study was funded by a grant of 90,000 euro, allocated by Fondazione di Sardegna and University of Cagliari. 

Registrations to the programme are now open: 120 participants will be divided into two groups of 60 people each to follow a programme of physical and cultural activities.

The project focuses on a crucial challenge for our societies: the promotion of active aging. A sector of intervention which is closely related to prevention in healthcare.

“For us physicians, prevention is the actual mission, since it means to prolong individual’s vitality and well-being. Physical activities help socialization, increase cognitive mastery and prevent aiments and illnesses of various kinds”, said Rector of the University of Cagliari, Maria Del Zompo. 

In a time marked by demographic change, the well-being of the third age is one of the priorities to focus research on, as recognized also in the Horizon 2020 European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. 

“36% of the Italian population will be over 65 years by 2050 and there will be 180 million elderly people Europe. Aging is associated with an increase in chronic diseases, as well as a proportional increase in the number of years of life with disability, with a high impact on social and healthcare costs. Our study is the first study on prevention in Europe” said Mauro Carta. 

This randomized controlled, single-blind trial aims at acquiring further knowledge in active aging. The programme is carried out by a multidisciplinary team which gathers the competences of Coni with those of researchers from three departments of the University of Cagliari: Medical Sciences and Public Health; Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy; Mechanical, Chemical and Materials Engineering. 


Publication date 12/05/2018
Source Università di Cagliari
Tag Health