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Mapping glaciers with drones: a project by Alta Scuola Politecnica
There is a safer, more efficient and cost-effective method to monitor the state of health of glaciers than direct measurements by man: the use of drones. The research project DREAM, coordinated by Alta...
Publication date 10/20/2017
Source Alta Scuola Politecnica
Biological fuels for future cars, research project FLEDGED underway
Using agriculture residues or biological waste as fuel for cars, with clear benefits in terms of environmental sustainability and reduction in CO2 emissions into the air is the important perspective opened...
Publication date 10/18/2017
Source Politecnico di Milano
Sapienza studies how we perceive others
Emotional stimuli influence social inclusion and exclusion processes. It has been demonstrated by a study conducted by researchers from the Department of Psychology at Sapienza University and from Santa...
Publication date 10/02/2017
Source Sapienza Università di Roma
Aquileia Roman baths: UNIUD to start a new excavation campaign
The second part of the archaeological excavation campaign under the leadership of Marina Rubinich, Department of Humanities and Cultural Heritage of the University of Udine, started at the end of August...
Publication date 09/14/2017
Source UNIUD
Space, ASI’s Sardinia Deep Space Antenna inaugurated
The Sardinia Deep Space Antenna-SDSA, the new centre of the Italian Space Agency-ASI aimed at tracking interplanetary space probes, has become operational.
Publication date 09/07/2017
Source Agenzia Spaziale Italiana