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Fatty liver, launch of the LITMUS project
Funded by the European Union with 34 million euro in the context of the European Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking - IMI2, the LITMUS (Liver Investigation: Testing Marker Utility in Steatohepatitis)...
Publication date 01/19/2018
Source UNITO
Antarctica: first wind farm for the Italian base
Wind is again playing the leading role in Antarctica. Not only as an engine of climate, but also as the propulsive force of the first wind farm built at the Italian Mario Zucchelli base in Terra Nova Bay.
Publication date 01/08/2018
Source ENEA
The Origins Bridge set up in Pisa
Five institutions based in Pisa have come together to build the first bridge over the Arno River dedicated to research and scientific dissemination. Origins Bridge is the name of the futuristic infrastructure...
Publication date 12/28/2017
Source Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
GoJelly Project: jellyfish as a resource
Using jellyfish as a resource: this is the goal of the GoJelly Project, funded by the European Union with 6 million euro for a period of four years, involving a consortium of fifteen scientific institutions...
Publication date 12/11/2017
Source CNR
ESOF 2020 launched at MIUR: Trieste, European capital of Science
Trieste is getting ready to host the Euroscience Open Forum-ESOF in 2020, the most important European event dedicated to the relationship between science, technology, society and politics.  The challenges...
Publication date 12/06/2017
Source Redazione ResearchItaly
UNIBO studies the discovery of the Jewish cemetery in Bologna
Bologna Jewish cemetery has been rediscovered after all traces were lost following its destruction in 1569. With its 408 graves of women, men and children, it is the largest medieval Jewish cemetery found...
Publication date 12/06/2017
Source UNIBO
Safer road bridges with the SUREbridge project
“The structural strengthening of existing road bridges is a crucially important issue of public safety, as shown also by recent events concerning collapsed highway viaducts”. These are the...
Publication date 11/23/2017
Source Università degli Studi di Pisa
Fighting and preventing HIV in prison: a Ca’ Foscari study
The risk of HIV transmission in prisons can be reduced by improving HIV prevention and management: this is the objective of the Free to live well with HIV in Prison project, which also aims to define good...
Publication date 11/16/2017
Source UNIVE
Antarctica, new Italian expedition started
The opening of the “Mario Zucchelli” station on 19 October 2017 marked the official start of the XXXIII Summer Campaign of the National Antarctic Research Programme-PNRA.
Publication date 11/10/2017
Source ENEA
Rare diseases: genome editing nearing human clinical trials
A revolutionary approach to the treatment of rare diseases is not far away. A group of researchers at San Raffaele Telethon Institute for Gene Therapy - SR-Tiget in Milan has developed the roadmap for...
Publication date 11/09/2017
Source Fondazione Telethon