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Who will pay more for global heating?

Who will pay more for global heating?

What is the actual cost of global heating and which countries will incur the largest fractions of it?

A new international study published in Nature Climate Change, with participation of professor Massimo Tavoni from the Department of Management Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Milan, Director of the new European Institute of Economy and Environment, has recently tried to answer these questions.

The study results show that the actual cost of global heating will be higher for the three main CO2 producers: China, India and United States, followed by Gulf countries, e.g. Saudi Arabia, which have reported very high scores.

To reach this conclusion, the researchers have processed the data to quantify the social cost of carbon in relation with the economic damage deriving from carbon dioxide emissions, for each country in the world reporting surprising results.

Our analysis showed that the economic costs of global change will be high in many countries, including the United States and the Gulf countries, which traditionally have not developed a climate policy – said professor Tavoni – Moreover, 90% of the countries in the world will suffer consequences related to the climate, the impact of which will increase global inequality and international tensions. Many countries have not recognized the risk represented by climate change. This study aims at filling this gap”.

The authors considered that mapping the impact of climate change at the national level can help better understand the importance of international cooperation. With this purpose, they developed a visual interface that allows to navigate the study results.

Publication date 10/19/2018
Tag Energy , Life Sciences