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When hemp is legal and brings health benefits

When hemp is legal and brings health benefits

Extensive research carried out by a spinoff from Sant’Anna Scool in Pisa will lead to the development of a range of products based on legal hemp, which can contribute to human well-being.

The goal of the spinoff Canapisti is to do research on the properties of legal hemp plant and see how they can be used, investigating the possibility of developing high-quality food, cosmetic and medicinal products.

The first products to be marketed will be hemp microgreens, a food product rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as containing cannflavins, molecules with a high antioxidant potential.

What is Canapisti?”, the founders say. “We can grow and improve this powerful medicinal plant that is usually stigmatized and has a bad reputation, showing it in a new light. It is a scientific and an entrepreneurial challenge in which we strongly believe. Canapisti has important goals to achieve together with Sant’Anna School in Pisa and the many companies with which it is collaborating: new varieties of hemp plant, innovative products, ranging from foods to pharmaceuticals”.

The company was founded by a former student of Sant’Anna School, Marco Martinelli, now researcher at the PlantLab of the Institute of Life Sciences at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies.

Publication date 12/21/2018
Source Scuola Sant'Anna
Tag Health