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What is the best nourishment for premature babies? Donkey’s milk.

What is the best nourishment for premature babies? Donkey’s milk.

For pre-term babies hospitalized in intensive care units, donkey’s milk is the best nourishment available according to a study conducted by S. Anna Hospital of Turin and ISPA-CNR of Turin, published in the Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition.

Donkey’s milk is reported to be an ideal fortifier, rich in nutrients, which considerably reduces food intolerance to cow’s milk.

Recent studies had already shown that donkey’s milk is the mammal’s milk closest to the composition to that of human milk. Hence, the idea to test it as a supplement to maternal milk”, said Laura Cavallarin, a Cnr-Ispa researcher.

After preparing two concentrates from donkey’s milk, a 24-month clinical trial was started to test the nutritional appropriateness of this new product on a sample of 156 premature babies and compare it to cow’s milk: intolerance episodes were 2.5 times fewer in subjects who received the product from donkey’s milk.

This is an important result for the early achievement of a complete nutrition via oral route, which is the key objective in the care of pre-term babies hospitalized in neonatal intensive care units in order to quickly discharge them, but also because this phase has an impact on the health in adolescence and adult age”, concluded Cavallarin.

Publication date 12/20/2018
Source CNR
Tag Health