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What alternatives to copper in agriculture?

What alternatives to copper in agriculture?

Funded with 4 million euro under Horizon 2020, this project aims at searching for alternatives to the use of copper and pesticides in the most interesting crops in Trentino.

In the frontline for the project implementation is the Centre for Agriculture, Food and Environment - C3A, an academic facility set up by Edmund Mach Foundation and University of Trento, in close synergy with the  Research & Innovation Centre FEM, along with important European industries and institutions.

This grant is the first result of the agreement between Edmund Mach Foundation and University of Trento” said Andrea Segrè, President of FEM. “In this project, almost one fourth of the budget will be allocated to direct experimentation in organic farms”.

The initiative aims at streamlining the adoption of instruments and technologies that are safe for the environment, economically sustainable for the farmers, by studying in depth natural methods of organic agriculture.

Coordinated by the Forschungsinstitut fuer Biologischen Landbau Stiftung - FIBL, the most important centre for research in organic agriculture in Europe, the project will last four years and will aim at transferring the best innovative solutions to the productive world, after an experimentation stage that will involve organic agriculture farms coordinated by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements European Union - IFOAM-EU; Italian farms will be coordinated by Federbio.

Publication date 06/27/2018
Source UNITN
Tag Agrifood , Green Chemistry