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Venice Film Festival: “Expedition”, the documentary on Nespoli’s mission, presented

Venice Film Festival: “Expedition”, the documentary on Nespoli’s mission, presented

The documentary Expedition dedicated to Paolo Nespoli’s space mission, which chronicles the journey and preparation of the Italian astronaut for the VITA mission of the Italian Space Agency-ASI, was presented at the Venice Film Festival. Paolo Nespoli took part in the presentation, live from the International Space Station-ISS, and answered the questions asked by the journalists.

Expedition is the first docufilm dedicated to a human space mission and aims to illustrate the complex phases of training that make space missions possible, also showing how fundamental international cooperation is in the aerospace sector. To make the docufilm – directed by Alessandra Bonavina from an idea by ASI – the film crew had access to the facilities in Cologne (Germany), Houston (United States) and Star City (Russia), where astronauts train for their missions.

“The success of the ISS activities, which improve our lives on Earth, is the result of unprecedented collaboration between countries”, said Paolo Nespoli from the International Space Station. “Cooperation should be expanded to be able to go to Mars, the next goal of humanity”. The documentary received the patronage and support of the Italian Space Agency and the European Space Agency, with the collaboration of NASA and Roscomos.

Publication date 09/12/2017
Source ASI
Tag Aerospace