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Urban farms? Yes, in Bologna

Urban farms? Yes, in Bologna

The citizens of Bologna like urban farms.

It was revealed by a study promoted by SustUrbanFoods, the project funded by the European Commission and coordinated by the University of Bologna, which studies the impact of agriculture in urban areas.

The results of the study, which involved 380 citizens of Bologna, published in PLOS ONE, show that urban agriculture is widely accepted, especially for its social benefits: community building, occupation, land restoration.

The researchers took the opportunity to compare the results obtained in Bologna with those of a similar study carried out in Berlin. The first interesting fact is that only 48% of the respondents knew the definition of “urban agriculture”, although the number of urban farms is constantly growing.

The second consideration concerns the economic aspect and the positive opinions expressed by the citizens who recognize the various benefits of products from urban agriculture, even though prices are a variable to be taken into consideration: the citizens of Bologna are willing to buy fruit and vegetables from urban farms as long as they do not cost more than the products offered by the traditional distribution.

In light of these results, the researchers suggest consolidating the many urban agriculture experiences in Bologna by thinking of new policies that support this sector and involve a larger number of citizens.

Publication date 10/05/2018
Source UNIBO
Tag Agrifood , Smart Communities