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University of Udine: how to recover wine industry sub-products

University of Udine: how to recover wine industry sub-products

This project is called “BIOVALE - BIOraffineria VAlore aggiunto dei sottoprodotti Enologici” and aims at evaluating the costs and benefits of the SFE - Supercritical Fluid Extraction process used to recover bioactive compounds from wine industry, to reduce the environmental impact and to obtain very pure extracts for nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmetic uses.

Funded with 100,000 euro by AGER, the initiative is included in the context of green technology, in the modern perspective of biorefinery and is coordinated by the University of Udine in collaboration with the University of Bologna and Tor Vergata of Rome.

The grant obtained with the previous AGER project helped the University buy one of the few pilot plants for the “extraction with fluids in supercritical phase” existing in the Italian research centres.

This plant, said Carla Da Porto, scientific lead of the two research projects, “allows for the extraction of natural substances from agri-food industry waste, providing highly pure substances that can be used in the food sector of nutraceutics, with particular reference to food supplements and functional food and/or the cosmetic sector”.

Publication date 06/04/2018
Source UNIUD
Tag Agrifood , Green Chemistry