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UNICA aims at the efficiency of smart power networks

UNICA aims at the efficiency of smart power networks

Turning any power network into a smart network is the objective of a study carried out by a research team at University of Cagliari led by Professor Alfonso Damiano.

The study, published in Scientific Reports, describes the results of the research carried out at the University of Cagliari: irrespective of the configuration of a power network, it is possible to identify the optimal positioning, size and the correct management of batteries to achieve a smart network.

The study is particularly relevant in the design stage of power systems able to manage the local production of energy in a smart and autonomous way.

This activity was developed as part of the European “Netfficient” project, funded under the Horizon2020 programme, of which the University of Cagliari is a partner. The project aims to identify the optimal configuration of a smart grid, maximizing the return on investment and improving power quality.

This result was achieved thanks to the use of new theories for the study of complex systems”, explained Damiano, “which, by analyzing the topology of the network, allow the identification of both the best positioning of one or more batteries and the best ways of sharing the management of storage systems. The optimization criteria were of an economic nature and took into account battery ageing phenomena induced by use”.

In addition to Damiano, the research team includes Saman Korajani (UNICA), Angelo Facchini and Guido Caldarelli from IMT Lucca.

Publication date 12/11/2018
Source UNICA
Tag Energy