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Torcello, skeleton dating back to 18th century recently found

Torcello, skeleton dating back to 18th century recently found

Excavation made by researchers of the Ca’ Foscari University in Torcello start to produce their results and to reveal fragments of the millenary history of this island: under the leadership of archaeologist Diego Calaon, a burial dating back to approximately the 18th century a.C. has been recently discovered.

"This is a young adult – buried not too far from the area that we imagine was used as a cemetery around the Basilica in its early Medieval phases – whose skeleton has been quite well preserved, but for the head. Let us not be fooled though: the discovery of the residual parts of the right side of the skull and the cutting of a modern age hole (probably for a structural pole) coming from above, indicate that the burial was complete and that only the activities carried out subsequently in the area have led to today’s missing parts”.

This is an important finding that will answer questions about the ancient inhabitants of the island. Was it a Christianized community? Were they free men or slaves? The presence of the newly discovered tomb paves  the way to many hypotheses to which an answer will be sought by interpreting DNA and biometric data.

In the meanwhile, excavation have been carried out also in another area where a building over 25m long has been identified. The assumption is that it was a boathouse and warehouse dating back to the 14th century. The building, having solid stone foundations, overlooks an ancient stone bank, with an external pier that reached the course of the ancient Sile river.

Between the bank and the warehouse, the researchers found clear signs of a Medieval boathouse for fixing boats, maybe for fishing.

An history full of details to be discovered day by day.

Publication date 10/05/2018
Source Università Ca' Foscari
Tag Cultural Heritage , Life Sciences