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The results of the “Messaggeri della Conoscenza” contest on display

The Minister of education, university and research, Francesco Profumo, and the Minister of territorial cohesiveness, Fabrizio Barca, presented the results of the “Messaggeri della Conoscenza” programme. The initiative is aimed at sharing knowledge, expertise and technical solutions, supporting the italian research and national development and internationalization.

About 350 didactic projects have been presented for the contest: 113 of them have been chosen for a public funding of 4.171.481,60 euros.

This programme will allow the professor of foreing univerity to keep lectures for universities located in southern regions of Puglia, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria. One special Action Plan for Cohesion (PAC) is allocating 5.3 million euros to “bring the international best practices for didactics and research into the southern regions’ university”.

Publication date 03/29/2013
Source MIUR