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The remains of the Saints Ambrose, Gervasius and Protase examined

The remains of the Saints Ambrose, Gervasius and Protase examined

The results of an interdisciplinary scientific study carried out on the remains of the bodies of the Saints Ambrose, Gervasius and Protase, the three main Saints of the Ambrosian Church, were presented in Milan, at Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio.

The remains of the three Saints were examined in order to assess the state of conservation, with radiographic investigations, skeleton CT scans and sarcophagus examination, as well as archive and historiographic research.

The radiographic and anatomic examinations report that Ambrose was a man aged approximately 60 years, 170 cm high, with a bad fracture to the right clavicle. A marked asymmetry was detected beneath the skull's orbits, due to a traumatic event on the nature of which the researchers are investigating.

Gervasius and Protase were very young and had congenital disorders in the vertebrae that make the researchers think they had blood relations. One of the Saints shows signs of beheading and ankle injuries, the other shows defense lesions and rib fractures, as well as probable signs of tuberculosis.

The research was promoted by Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio, under the high patronage of Diocese of Milan, on the 150th anniversary of the finding of the three skeletons and 50 years after the last opening of the shrine on the occasion of the translation of the body of Saint Ambrose into the Dome.

The study, led by Cristina Cattaneo, Professor of Forensic Medicine and Director of LabAnOf of the State University of Milan, was carried out in collaboration with Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi and the high surveillance of Superintendence Archeology Fine Arts and Landscape.

Publication date 11/02/2018
Source UNIMI
Tag Cultural Heritage , Social Sciences and Humanities