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The new “silk road” between Boston and Pavia

seta_400_01A team of researchers from University of Pavia and Tuft University in Boston (USA) is developing a 3D model of silk bone marrow, bioengineered and programmable, in order to study the mechanisms of physiological and pathological production of platelets, with the aim of identifying new therapeutic targets for blood diseases.

Coordinated by researcher Alessandra Balduini from the Department of Molecular Medicine of the University of Pavia, the study deserved publication in “Blood”, one of the most important scientific journals in haematological research worldwide.

Why silk? “Because – explain researchers – it is a natural material which is biodegradable and water-processed”. The model developed by the Pavia-Boston “joint venture” will compete with the only other team in the world involved, i.e. the team from Harvard University coordinated by Joe Italiano, and will be the focus of a number of international congresses scheduled this year.

Publication date 01/30/2015
Source Università degli Studi di Pavia