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Sulcis Plan, a centre of excellence for clean energy in Sardinia

sulcisThirty million euro have been allocated to build up a research centre for clean energy in Sardinia.

The agreement was signed by ENEA, the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, the Sardinia Region and Sotacarbo, – a company whose shareholders are ENEA and Sardinia Region – with the aim of implementing a ten-year research activity programme within Sulcis’s Technological Pole.

The agreement is also intended to build up local synergies in order to maximize results of knowledge produced within the local context.

Four areas will be involved: technologies for sustainable use of fossil fuels, as the ground belonging to Sulci is historically an extraction area; energy efficiency in building and construction; development of renewable sources and storage systems, energy valorisation of both product and green chemistry wastes.

The agreement evolved naturally out of Sulcis Plan, a protocol signed by the Italian Government and Sardinia Autonomous Region in 2012, that included the development of a centre of excellence for clean energy too. In 2013, another protocol followed with the purpose of setting up a research technological pole for clean coal as well as the implementation of a clean coal technology-based electric power plan. 

Publication date 09/04/2014
Source Agenzia Nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile