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Space, 15-year collaboration agreement between ASI and PoliMI

Space, 15-year collaboration agreement between ASI and PoliMI

Italy’s “race to space” gains new impetus thanks to the agreement signed by the President of the Italian Space Agency Roberto Battiston and the Rector of the Polytechnic University of Milan Ferruccio Resta.

ASI and PoliMI have identified 4 strategic macro-areas, on which they undertake to collaborate for 15 years, with the aim to maintain the high levels of competitiveness of Italian research in the space sector: 

  • development of technologies for the production of high-performance scientific instrumentation and components to be loaded on board satellites, with a view to the new missions of interplanetary exploration and observation of the universe
  • design of new Smart Materials, able to “adapt” to the extreme environment of space, perceive possible damage to the structure and self-repair
  • 3D Additive Manufacturing techniques for the creation of space components, such as defect-free propellers and robots
  • design of simulation and mathematical modelling methods to use Big Data from satellites in territory monitoring activities and for the prediction of natural disasters like landslides and floods. 

The research path in the areas identified will involve national and European operators, with the consequent creation of innovative spinoffs and startups

The agreement provides for the creation of a joint centre between ASI and Polytechnic University of Milan, stable and lasting over time, and the creation at the Polytechnic University of Milan of academic positions in the areas of research identified.


Publication date 02/13/2018
Source ASI, Politecnico di Milano
Tag Aerospace , Physical Sciences and Engineering