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Soft Robotics for hand rehabilitation in patients with spinal cord injury

Soft Robotics for hand rehabilitation in patients with spinal cord injury

The TECIP Institute of Sant’Anna School has launched a project designed to develop robotic technologies for tetraplegic hand rehabilitation for patients with spinal cord injury using the technological innovations of soft robotics, exoskeletons and robotic systems for muscle control.

The project aims to experiment with combined technologies for the development of lightweight and easy-to-use robotic hand exoskeletons that can restore hand function to tetraplegic patients.

The new research project, funded by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, will be carried out over the next two years by the TeCIP Institute under the scientific supervision of Antonio Frisoli, Professor at the Institute’s PERCRO Laboratory, in collaboration with Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria di Careggi, Associazione Habilia and Associazione Toscana Paraplegici.

Spinal cord injury resulting from spinal trauma can lead to a partial or complete damage to a number of functions, such as motor skills and sensations.

It is one of the most devastating conditions and mainly affects young people. Its incidence in Italy is of about 18/20 new cases every 1,000 inhabitants each year.

The Spinal Cord Injury Unit of Careggi is a reference point for people with spinal cord injury at the national level, and in particular in central Italy.

The project is the natural continuation of CLIMB, the Tuscan project for the clinical trial of the use of wearable robotic exoskeletons that also involved the TeCIP Institute.

Publication date 12/04/2018
Source Scuola Sant'Anna
Tag Health , Physical Sciences and Engineering