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Science dissemination, Marco Malvaldi recipient of the 2018 Asimov Prize

Science dissemination, Marco Malvaldi recipient of the 2018 Asimov Prize

Helen Czerski, with her book The Physics of Everyday Life and Marco Malvaldi, with Le due teste del tiranno. Metodi matematici per la libertà are the recipients ex aequo of the 2018 Asimov Prize for science dissemination.

Thank you for awarding me the Asimov Prize for scientific dissemination; I am especially glad to receive this prize – said writer and chemist Marco Malvaldi because it is awarded by students, who are by definition curious people”.

The 2018 winners were selected by a jury of 2300 high school students who chose among five competing books, the other authors being Alessandro Della Corte and Lucio Russo, Carlo Rovelli and Pietro Greco.

The Asimov Prize for scientific publishing is inspired by a similar award assigned by the Royal Society, and it aims at bringing new generations closer to science, by critically reading the best dissemination books published.

The prize was established in 2015 by the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) of L’Aquila, with support by INFN, and in particular by the Gran Sasso National Laboratory, the Laboratori Nazionali del Sud, the INFN Sections of Cagliari, Catania, Lecce and Perugia, and the Gruppo Collegato of Cosenza, and many other Italian scientific institutions.

Publication date 05/22/2018
Source INFN
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