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Saqqara, where 3D techniques come to the aid of archaeology

Saqqara, where 3D techniques come to the aid of archaeology

The 3D Survey Group, a research team of the Polytechnic University of Milan involved in investigations on cultural heritage by means of 3D modelling applications and techniques, is currently carrying out an excavation campaign in Saqqara, Egypt.

Within the project jointly conducted in Saqqara by the Museo Egizio in Turin, Dutch National Archaeological Museum and Leiden University, the 3D Survey Group will investigate on the existing excavation, by collaborating to record, document and classify archaeological findings by means of very advanced methods.

POLIMI researchers Francesco Fassi, Alessandro Mandelli and Luca Perfetti are now working at the New Kingdom necropolis, north of the tomb of Maya and Merit, where two small chapels dating from the Ramesside period were found in 2017.

  • During the first week of the campaign, a general 3D survey of the tombs that had previously been unearthed was carried out, as well as a detailed 3D survey of the area currently being excavated. It was thus possible to obtain the absolute position and the relative position of all the monuments
  • During the second week, the team has conducted a survey of the tombs using photogrammetry which allowed to understand the composition of the various different deposits and structures that have been unearthed and removed.
  • The third week was completely focused on documentingthe excavation of two funerary wells in real time and on the 3D representation of the bas-reliefs of the tomb of Maya.

3D methods proved to be a very useful instrument, during the documentation phase of fieldwork as well as to adapt data, share it with experts and disseminate it to the general public.